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a graphic representation of numerical relations


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Using a similar method as nomogram, we implemented a software application as a simpler way for clinicians to use the Shanghai Score.
Newborns determined to have significant hyperbilirubinemia after being plotted on the hour-specific nomogram were evaluated for the need for phototherapy or close primary care provider (PCP) follow-up.
As previously mentioned, the shorter followup of the CHUM database may have introduced a bias in the nomogram validation portion, but also precluded analysis of BFFS at later time points (e.
Chavez24 developed a similar nomogram with a special emphasis in the 3rd trimester stated that TCD had a similar relationship with gestational age across previously published nomogram before 28 weeks.
In 1997, the international continence society published a provisional nomogram, which is a modification of the Abrams-Griffiths nomogram and used AG number to classify bladder obstruction into 3 groups.
32 This difference can also be explained by considering one of the shortcomings of PAR index which can be observed from Nomogram system as well.
In November 2012, the non-critical care units transitioned from a PDHP to an NDHP using the same nomogram.
applied AON to 23 assays, using optimized AON protocols based on simulated annealing vs original protocols based on Cembrowski's nomogram, with [ANP.
Validation of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center nomogram for prediction of non-sentinel lymph node metastasis in sentinel lymph node positive breast cancer patients an international comparison.
Most surgeons using the MSKCC nomogram were opting for no ALND in patients, yielding a nomogram score of 10% or less.
developed a nomogram incorporating albumin, lymphocyte count, and platelet count to predict the probability of 5-year OS and disease-specific survival (DSS) after RC that demonstrated higher predictive accuracy than the existing staging system [46].
With Alexander's nomogram, newborns were classified as appropriate for gestational age (AGA; weight at 10%-89% for GA) or SGA, which were categorized into three groups: no growth ultrasound (US) in third trimester; US in the third trimester but no diagnosis of fetal growth restriction (FGR); and diagnosed as FGR antenatally.
For each stratum, the 5th, 25th, 50th, 75th, and 95th quantiles of the number of teeth were calculated and depicted as a nomogram of SHIP0 data.
Crymych, Dyfed); then they were used to determine body fat (%), absolute body fat (kg), muscle mass (%), and absolute muscle mass (kg) from the nomogram proposed by Jackson and Pollock (7).