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a graphic representation of numerical relations


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Pretreatment nomogram for prostate-specific antigen recurrence after radical prostatectomy or external-beam radiation therapy for clinically localized prostate cancer.
(14) also described a nomogram using radiological (location, number, and size of the stone(s), and presence of staghorn stone), and clinical parameters (case volume per year and prior treatment) and called it the CROES SS (10).
Could Nomograms Used to Identify Non-Sentinel Lymph Node Metastases May Be Valuable in Radiotherapy Planning?.
Many of these actvites were encompassed by applicable formulae and nomograms (13) to allow quick and accurate solutions.
For model presentation, nomograms are a pictorial representation of a complex mathematical formula.[12]
The results of our study concluded that STONE nephrolithometry score is an easy to use nomogram that is associated with post-PCNL stone clearance rates.
Nomogram for prediction of prostate cancer with serum prostate specific antigen less than 10 ng/mL.
In this way, a radiomics nomogram was constructed and used as a quantitative tool for predicting MVI status in the training cohort.
Nomogram to predict the likelihood of upgrade of atypical ductal hyperplasia diagnosed on a core needle biopsy in mammographically detected lesions.
We developed two reliable nomograms comprising peritumoral inflammation (PIS) and ALBI scores with different HBV-DNA loads for patients who underwent curative resection.
In this study, the prognostic value of SII for gastric cancer patients who underwent radical surgery was evaluated, and the prognostic nomogram of resectable gastric cancer was plotted and compared with the traditional AJCC-TNM staging system to determine whether the model can evaluate the prognosis more accurately, since the nomogram has been confirmed in other validation cohorts.
By C statistics and DeLong algorithm [14], we found no significance between the three models in the capability to discriminate participants with and without incident T2DM (data not shown), so we chose the easiest "stepwise model" for the nomogram (Figure 3).
The use of one or two Keraring segments depended upon the Keraring nomogram. Different parameters affected the choice of one or two segmented rings mainly the type and the site of the keratoconus cone, the mean K readings, the central pachymetry readings, the corneal thickness at the thinnest location, and the refractive status of the eye.
A nomogram was established based on serum parameters for predicting active disease.
A confirmatory TSB was required, per hospital protocol, on TcBs in the high-intermediate or high-risk zones when appropriately plotted on the hour specific nomogram. The TcB was frequently checked just after 24 hours of life, which potentially increased the chances of more frequent bilirubin testing.