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someone who proposes a candidate for appointment or election

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As I mentioned, being mostly from providers and advisers, the nominators are comparing these plan sponsors with their peers and recognizing how unusual some of the plan design elements might be or how rare the sponsoring company's generosity is, for example.
One nominator wrote: Joe has "helped parents to become models of character growth for their children, empowering these parents to work on their own character development as they pursue their potential.
This can require some coordination by the primary nominator asking each of those who are writing letters of support to focus on specific aspects of the candidate, and some nominators choose those who will write supporting letters based on their ability to contribute those specifics in their letters.
Where several entrants have chosen the same name, the first out of the hat will be designated as the nominator.
He has spent thousands of hours to save the homes of people with nowhere else to turn, "giving them the confidence to move forward with their lives," the nominator wrote.
The nominators - anonymous members of the public - were scathing in their assessment of the watersports facility that is yet to open to the public despite a costly opening party.
Their engineer or student nominators will also receive a trip to Washington.
8220;Charlotte is an outstanding and enthusiastic teacher who has had many students, families and peers over the years contact her to tell her the difference she has made in their lives,” wrote her nominator.
His nominator also said: "Despite his commitment to his sport, he continues to achieve outstanding results in all his school work as well.
These awards are submitted by a nominator who is an ACTE member in good standing.
NBL puts aside N$10 000 every month, half of which the nominator of the monthly winner receives, while the other half is donated to a registered charity organisation chosen by the nominator.
Artists still submit applications themselves, but should consult an accredited nominator in advance to support their submission, who needs to be mentioned on their application.
This can be a project that the nominator has organized, supported, led or researched for, or it can simply be one that the nominator has heard or read about.
Her nominator, head of human resources, Fiona Brennan, said she made an impact straight away and was a real asset to the team.