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the category of nouns serving as the grammatical subject of a verb

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In other circumstances, though, languages use adjectival (mostly in English) and/or verbal predication structures to describe affected facial parts either with the nominative case (to signal the process of the pain effect) or the accusative case (to highlight the affected part).
The parameters of this module are the number of terms, the number of terms in the nominative case, if a verb should figure between two terms, if the first term should be a multi-word term and if the sentence should begin with a term.
In (10), lavorare assigns the NOMINATIVE case to its VP external argument but is not able to assign an ACCUSATIVE case because the verb thematic structure does not display a VP internal argument.
Here subject is in nominative case and object is in accusative case and verb is according to the subject.
Since the subject position of the reflexive passive is nonthematic, an underlying object can move there to receive nominative case (in line with Burzio's generalization, the predicate cannot assign Accusative case because there is no external theta role, having been absorbed by argument si).
Topics include person splits and direct-inverse alternations, the finite and the relation between agreement and the nominative case, case and agreement with the genitive of quantification in Russian, agreement and selection in an efficient minimalist syntax, agreement configurations, agreement in syntax and signs, standard Arabic agreement symmetry recast in minimalist syntax, complete and partial agreement, case-agreement mismatches and local agreement.
This is the problem with first-person narratives, the ninth letter of the English alphabet and nominative case form of the first person singular pronoun often is overused.
But in the text of his New Testament translation, Erasmus shows his usual flexibility translating the phrase in the nominative case.
N>') and bears the Nominative case, which is unmarked in Hungarian ('[empty set]').
Center-embedding problem and the contribution of nominative case repetition.
vP position appears indispensable for the structure in (34) given the presence of nominative Case on the lower DPs.
The substantive is in the nominative case, hence the use of the form -om of the pronoun.
As the nominative case form is the base form of nominals in dictionaries, a classification of nominals should make first of all make use of this form.
i) "The simple word is the nominative case set before a verbe, whom it governeth in number and person.
The second two are in agreement with the head noun that is being modified; they show the head noun to be dual and to have nominative case.