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Synonyms for nomination

Synonyms for nomination

the act of appointing to an office or position

Synonyms for nomination

the act of officially naming a candidate

the condition of having been proposed as a suitable candidate for appointment or election

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an address (usually at a political convention) proposing the name of a candidate to run for election

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From Punjab, 34 candidates submitted their nomination papers in the ECP for 12 seats.
Six political parties including Pakistan People's Party (PPP), Muttahida Qaumi Movement -Pakistan (MQM-P), Pak Serzameen Party (PSP), Pakistan Muslim League Functial (PML-f), Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) have submitted 47 nomination papers for the 12 Senates seats from Sindh province.
As a result, president and CEO of Ilmarinen, Timo Ritakallio, who had represented Ilmarinen in the shareholders' nomination board of Technopolis, has also renounced his membership in the nomination board.
Indutrade AB (STO:INDT), a provider of components, systems and services with a high-tech content, announced on Monday that the members appointed to its nomination committee are Claes Boustedt, of L E Lundbergforetagen, committee chair; Fredrik Lundberg, of L E Lundbergforetagen, chairman of the board of Indutrade; Henrik Didner, of Didner & Gerge funds; Dick Bergqvist, of AMF and AMF funds and Jonathan Schonback, of Handelsbanken funds.
Swedish pharmaceutical company Moberg Pharma AB (STO: MOB) announced on Thursday that its nomination committee will propose to the Annual General Meeting 2017 that Thomas Eklund is elected as chairman of the Annual General Meeting of shareholders 2017.
As for the Best Picture nomination, a film only rarely wins Best Picture when neither its director nor its star win nominations.
With the conclusion of the nomination phase, the award's judging panels commenced evaluating the works.
Recognizing not all agencies are organized the same a few examples of the nomination process are listed:
The Parliamentarian, acting on behalf of the presiding officer, refers each nomination to the committee with jurisdiction over the position or the agency in which the position exists.
More than 42,500 nominations submitted for 2008 Abu Dhabi Awards
Nomination guidelines, including to whom the nomination should be sent are copied below and available at http://www.
Official nomination forms and letters were mailed in early January to every club and organization in the Santa Clarita Valley.
In practice, this means that the President nominates a candidate, who must be voted on by the Senate, which confirms (accepts) or rejects the nomination.
Brown's comments were first reported in the Stamford Advocate and then celebrated by Gary Bauer, a Religious Right leader who supports Brown's nomination.