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a philosopher who has adopted the doctrine of nominalism

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The claim about biological terms is supposed to be a nominalist claim, that is, a claim about discourse rather than about things.
While the turn to empirical reality can be linked with nominalist distrust of concepts, the pressure that Nicholas should have felt in himself to associate empiricism with divinity, must have urged him to substantiate the relevance of sensible experience from some more reliable perspective as well.
After all, crime has been traditionally defined by legalists on the basis of nominalist definitions or descriptive definitions that refer to the ways in which agents of the State react to criminal behavior.
The nominalist view of the world combined with the idea that all our knowledge comes only from our senses and that our minds at birth were nothing but a blank slate lead to empiricism.
For the late medieval via moderna or nominalist tradition, a person did all that she could, trusting that God's grace would fill in the gap between her quantifiable efforts and the goal of virtue itself.
For if words have meaning by ways other than standing for an object, then Russell's requirement that the nominalist has to give an explanation of 'resemblance' seems to beg the question against the nominalist.
42) In Vitoria's Commentaruim in Secundam Secundae (1535) there is a plethora of references to either Duns Scotus or nominalist authors such as William of Ockham, Gabriel Biel, Jacques Almain, and John Mair; and he is straightforward in demonstrating how often many of the ideas set forth by these authors are actually in harmony with Thomistic doctrine, or even the extent to which he prefers these over those of Aquinas.
The history of modern theologies would continue to be marked by their roots in this nominalist rupture.
But he was a nominalist, perhaps a positivist, and a one-time Communist.
We can conclude that constructivism is divided today by a modern form of this controversy, which would pace Wendt on the realist side, along with Searle, although he is not an international relations scholar and Onuf on the nominalist side.
They rejected Brosses's regional geographic labels in favour of a nominalist table of 16 sub-groups, either archipelagos or larger lands with contiguous islands.
1) By contrast, the turn in modern thinking about freedom toward an emphasis on mere freedom from external constraints (what Pinckaers calls "freedom of indifference") followed upon the nominalist revolution of William of Ockham.
This backward-looking, neo-Platonic inflection of Aristotelian substances, gave Leibniz an alternative model for the conception of the human mind, and the conception of God on which human subjectivity was modeled, than the more common one shaped by the more recent voluntarist and nominalist tendencies of the later Middle Ages.
Larry May proposes a nominalist conceptual account of protected groups in genocide law, and argues for an expansion in the legal definition.