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Synonyms for authorized

Synonyms for authorized

endowed with authority

sanctioned by established authority

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The NEC has a clearer structure, with the controlling company being NEC Ltd with a nominal share capital of pounds 10,000 owned equally by Birmingham City Council and Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
After this private placement, as on 31 December 2017, Tryg's nominal share capital amounted to DKK1,510,739,955, equivalent to 302,147,991 shares and 151,073,995,500 voting rights.
Further, the company's board of directors has resolved to use its authorisation pursuant to clause 6 of the articles of association of the company to grant warrants representing a total nominal share capital of DKK2.
00, BioPorto's nominal share capital amounts to DKK155,509,681 consisting of 155,509,681 shares of DKK 1.
Following the transaction, Nordicom's nominal share capital rose to DKK120.