nominal damages

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The Second and Seventh circuits have awarded punitive damages without accompanying compensatory damages or back pay in Title VII cases, and the First and Third circuits have approved awarding punitives with nominal damages in [section]1981 cases.
An award of nominal damages is not enough to justify an award of attorney fees," the court said in an opinion written by Judge John S.
Aside from the possibility of electing to claim merely reliance damages, the distributor in such a case faces an all or nothing prospect: Full recovery for the profits he would have made or merely nominal damages.
258) In the words of one district judge, although the Supreme Court called the 500-1 ratio in BMW "breathtaking," (259) in cases involving nominal damages, "a much higher ratio can be contemplated while maintaining normal respiration.
In view of Monolithic's self-imposed 'preliminary injunction', its sales were minimal after commencement of the suit, so nominal damages were stipulated.
Mahmoud Refaat, a lawyer, demanded nominal damages of EGP 51 for compensation, since the defendant's actions "hurt him morally, physically and psychologically.
But the Court of Grand Instance in Paris yesterday ruled he should receive only nominal damages following a five-year investigation.
The nine Plaintiffs also request an order requiring Super Steel to implement programs that effectively remedy the hostile work environment and eliminate the discriminatory and retaliatory practices currently in use; an order establishing a workplace task force on equality and fairness to monitor conditions at the company; and damages, including not less than $25 million dollars in compensatory damages, not less than $150 million dollars in punitive damages, and nominal damages.
Supreme Court precedent, state courts may award attorney fees to prevailing civil rights plaintiffs who receive only nominal damages when the lawsuit serves a "significant public purpose.
It also took the process forward by agreeing that damages can now be recovered when in the past only nominal damages would have been allowed.
Finding that the prisoner did not sustain a physical injury, the district court denied mental or emotional damages, awarding only nominal damages, and further denied an award of punitive damages.
Suit seeks nominal damages of $1,000 and actual damages of $5,000.
Tait said: "He could be awarded nominal damages if the court thought there was some truth in some of the claims.
Dame Elizabeth, whose judgment from Birmingham was also relayed by video link to the High Court in London, awarded the woman pounds 100 nominal damages for "unlawful trespass" by the NHS trust involved.
He was also seeking pounds 1,000 nominal damages for the loss of his voting rights.