nominal damages

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13) Of the twelve deficiencies alleged, the trial court ruled in favor of Diotte on all but the loss of square footage of the garage claim for which the judge awarded Consolidated nominal damages of USD2,000 and an additional USD8,000 for strengthening a wall of the garage.
The availability of nominal damages (120) allows proponents of the
is why courts routinely award nominal damages to plaintiffs who prevail
If you decide that (defendant) breached the contract but also that (claimant) did not prove any loss or damage, you may still award (claimant) nominal damages such as one dollar.
district court in March ruled in favor of Johnson and ordered school officials to pay nominal damages.
If A's argument had been accepted, it would have created the potential for a flood of nominal damages claims against local authorities all of which would inevitably have been pursued entirely at significant public expense.
Finally, in rejecting Murakowski's claim for $59,000 in compensatory damages, which unconvincingly represented his one-semester delay in entering the workforce as a chemical engineer, the court reasoned that this delay was attributable to the sanction for his other conduct, thus entitling him only to nominal damages of $10 for the First Amendment infringement.
It awarded Rogers $1 in nominal damages and $10,000 in punitive damages on each of those claims.
According to a release, United Auto had appealed a 2007 decision by a Miami-Dade county court judge to award $1 in nominal damages and $19,530 in attorney's fees to A 1st Healthcare Systems, Inc.
93) Because Smith suffered no physical injuries, he was limited to nominal damages upon a showing that the defendants violated his constitutional rights.
Perhaps attempting to ward off a challenge to the award, the district court added $1 in nominal damages to the verdict.
district court in connection with the ban, and is seeking nominal damages and payment for attorney fees.
Hogan awarded $1 in nominal damages, but tacked on $371,362 in attorney fees and $70,829 in litigation costs.
If it cannot be proved, then the plaintiff can only recover nominal damages.
Often the jury will award a token amount, typically $1, as nominal damages.