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David was flown out last Friday for the city's Fashion Week to work for designers Vivienne Tam, Nomia and Patrik Ervell, whose collections will be shown to buyers across the world.
El desarrollo economico basado en la sustentabilidad contempla una eco nomia que requiere de cierta calidad ambiental para asegurar su dinamismo y el incremento del bienestar social.
I also remind my students that the word economy comes from the Greek, oikos ('household') and nomia ('management' or stewardship).
For a specific discussion of the regionalist architectural debate in France, see by the same author, Architecture regionaliste: France, 1890-1950 (Paris: Nomia, 1994), especially 218- 19 on the 1937 Fair.
Designer Yara Flinn is entering her third season with Nomia.
And passing up layers of frills has become increasingly easier with emerging NYC-based designers like Yara Flinn of Nomia, Lindsey Thornburg, Leana Zuniga of Electric Feathers and the people behind SFE's own in-house line, who all create custom wedding dresses that look as good on the street as they do walking down the aisle.