nolo contendere

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(law) an answer of 'no contest' by a defendant who does not admit guilt but that subjects him to conviction


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2003), "Harmonizing Substantive Criminal Law Values and Criminal Procedure: The Case of Alford and Nolo Contendere Pleas," Cornell Law Review 88: 1361-1407.
In Part VII, I explain why Afford and nolo contendere pleas are inadequate to ensure access to rational-choice guilty pleas.
Furthermore, even if the parent or caregiver is not a sexual predator and has never been found guilty of or entered a plea of guilty or nolo contendere to any crime, the F.
But before that could happen, Agnew himself would resign after he pleaded nolo contendere to charges of tax fraud.
Courts must report convictions, guilty pleas, and nolo contendere pleas by physicians for crimes involving moral turpitude to the state board of physicians.
Although the precedential value of this decision may be limited (two Justices dissented; one Justice concurred in the result but noted that involuntary intoxication would auger for a different result; the policyholder's conduct was both outrageous and his explanation bizarre and perhaps suspect; he had pleaded nolo contendere to criminal charges related to the assault and intent is usually an element of a crime).
The Supreme Court declined to review a ruling by the Eleventh Circuit that upheld a decision by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to exclude for ten years from all federal health programs a physician who pleaded nolo contendere to a charge of sexual battery of a patient.
About the voices excluded or slighted in my book about "American" theology, I can only plead nolo contendere, while defensively asking readers to heed with special care the first paragraph on page 18 where I explain why I did not entitle the book Elite America's God.
This Article examines Alford and nolo contendere pleas as case studies in how an obsession with these procedural values blinds courts and scholars to substantive values.
Subsequently, Ove pleaded nolo contendere and Forest pleaded guilty to violating the applicable law.
While offenders who enter nolo contendere or Alford pleas waive their Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination, they would nonetheless benefit if courts sentenced them to treatment programs that do not require admissions of guilt prior to entrance, or as a condition of continued participation in the program.
A conviction of, a plea of guilty to, or a plea of nolo contendere to an offense constitutes a conviction for ARRT purposes.
Hill and Wright specifically point out "numerous traps" employers may face in attempting to discharge employees for "disloyal" off-duty statements or falsification of employment applications, as well as problems they may encounter in trying to discipline or discharge an employee based on his or her arrest, indictment, conviction, or nolo contendere plea.
The Senate is adding to its halls, at taxpayer expense, a bust of Spiro Agnew, who resigned from the Nixon Administration before pleading nolo contendere to income tax evasion.