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drop prosecution of by entering a nolle prosequi in the court records

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Statutory authority noted above for judges to dismiss charges filed by prosecutors, or to reject their requests to nolle pros charges, are the clearest examples.
Like the authority to disapprove prosecutors' nolle pros motions, these statutes effectively give judges the power to order prosecutors to pursue charges that they would prefer to drop--the very core of "the decision whether or not to prosecute" that Bordenkircher declared to be "entirely in [the prosecutor's] discretion.
Since the nineteenth century, states have varied their statutory rules on whether a judge must approve dismissal or the prosecutor's nolle pros power is unilateral, but that distinction has little practical effect.
For a representative modern statement of prosecutors' nolle pros power, see State v.
A nolle pros, or nolle prosequi, is a court filing reflecting a prosecutor's decision not to proceed with a criminal case after charges have been brought.