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full of or characterized by loud and nonmusical sounds


attracting attention by showiness or bright colors

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Glyn Davies, Conservative MP for Montgomeryshire, told the Sunday Telegraph: "Where there are noisy wind farms they are hugely disruptive.
Only recently I attended a meeting in Llangollen where noisy exhausts from motorcycles was the main complaint I received.
In addition to the print version, an app version is available for NOISY BUG SING-ALONG and NOISY FROG SING-ALONG.
Up and coming labels, such as Noisy May, Worn By, Neon Rose and Paper Dolls, are creating a new, exciting fast-fashion offering that is affordable and fresh.
Nash describes Noisy Table as "an alter-table-tennis experience" that breaks down traditional barriers of art.
The headphones did little to block out the noisy woman in the seat ahead of me.
Din levels at noisy patches were similar to a highway heard from 500 meters away, Francis explained.
Experts compared results from those working in noisy places with people who enjoyed a quieter working environment.
It was found, however, that this filtering was not enough as many noisy hits meet the conditions and pass the filter, so it seems that a filter based on the classical AE parameters could not work properly.
Summary: Hugh Jackman has become the latest star to confront a noisy member of the audience whose phone went off during a show.
ONE in three home owners are dissatisfied with their house once they move in after discovering noisy neighbours or hidden faults, according to a new report.
Children risk damaging or even losing their hearing due to noisy toys.
VAN NUYS - After years of debate, the city Airport Commission took steps Monday to expedite the phaseout of noisy Stage 2 jets at Van Nuys Airport.
NOISY COMMUNICATION Most engineering fields start with inventions; researchers then gradually figure out the limits of what can be achieved.
They usually have noisy exhausts, tweaked to make a sporty dineven when they're idling.