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Synonyms for noisiness

the auditory effect characterized by loud and constant noise


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Loudness, annoyance, and noisiness produced by single-tone-noise complexes.
215) We see further evidence of this noisiness when we turn, as we do now, to the historical experience with restricted voting in other countries.
The noisiness of PLA is caused by its molecular structure, which is more rigid than many other plastics.
Likewise, the primary, and most frequently reported, perceived effect of LFS is annoyance as opposed to the loudness or noisiness (Berglund et al.
For behaviours such as restlessness, aggression toward other children, noisiness and tantrums more than half of each group improved by one or two points on the scale.
It might also mean placing more emphasis on the noisiness of economic indicators and economic forecasts.
The noisiness of the wind contrasts sharply with the silence of the dead, and is overshadowed by the sounds of the minarets, springing the adhan (call for prayer) sound with its mystic and soothing connotations.
com)-- Though we may try to brush off the noisiness of modern life, it affects us in more ways than we realize, and Dr.
Table 1: Summary of Alternative Estimators Estimator Pros Cons Observed-over- Incorporates only most By using only the Expected recent information on last year of data, hospital quality estimator is subject to error from random noise if the underlying data are especially noisy Risk- Uses quality signal of May shrink hospital Standardized mean performance from performance too much Mortality Rate other hospitals and toward the grand information about mean and ignores noisiness of observed volume and outcome mortality to estimate relationship quality Dimick-Staiger Uses empirical volume and Does not explicitly outcome relationship and incorporate time- reliability of observed series information mortality to estimate on quality, most quality appropriate if correlations over time are low.
The unwillingness to take "time out" for meditation, the continual noisiness of our surroundings, the uncertainty of a drifting course, the immense complexity of modern life, all are provocations to discover and examine the systems, the problems, and the thoughts of present and past philosophy for guidance in our confusion.
One must experiment with c and [lambda] so the mismatch is similar to the best estimate of the noisiness in the data.
Naomi Schor notes the orgasmic noisiness of this collective roar (1978, 85), an observation which confirms that Nana (or at least her equestrian double) again becomes the object of the crowd's primitive sexual desire.
David Champion, head of the CR auto test centre, said, 'Subcompact cars were once collectively known as penalty boxes for their noisiness, rudimentary interiors, uncomfortable rides and weak performance.
A positive relationship supports our view that patenting activity in firms with corporate governance problems is indicative of noisiness when it comes to patents to value transmission.