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Antonyms for noisily

with much noise or loud and unpleasant sound


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So in through the gates trooped the whole gay company, Robin's men behaving as awkwardly and laughing and talking as noisily as the rest; while the Sheriff's scowling men-at-arms stood round about and sought to find one who looked like a forester, but without avail.
It is hot here, so hot the land surrounding the course cracks noisily in some areas.
The ex-Whitehouse intern, who has taken on a personal trainer in a bid to lose stones, tucked into TWO starters as she talked noisily to the four pals.
Noisily crammed at lunch with the studio crowd, this pleasing, bistro-ish rendezvous provides welcome respite for serious food-seeking localites at dinner.
Doris Day fan Janet Paine was saddled with a pounds 250 fine yesterday - for noisily belting out the star's Wild West hit Whip Crack Away.
The time is long overdue for Taylor to pick up one of those roadside emergency phones and, as the 1998-99 season noisily whizzes by him in the background, dial for help.
Hundreds of supporters of each candidate marched noisily outside, separated by steel police barricades.
In Stage 2 aircraft, air is forced through the jet at high speeds and temperatures, colliding noisily with cooler, slower outside air.
Outside it's cold as we slither and slip The frozen puddles crack under our boots The owl in the trees happily hoots I love the thick jumpers and the hot homemade soup Shoppers pack the streets in their post-Christmas swoop The paths are crispy underfoot Fires burn furiously churning out soot Wheels spinning before they gain traction Gritters noisily springing into action Cyclists' muscles begin to quiver Winter is here let's all shiver
The toy pops up noisily when a pile of sticks inside gets too heavy.
Cons noisily backing Green is evidence of a Westminster chumocracy, when the same ministers and MPs would sack an ordinary worker if police found thousands of indecent images on his or her desktop.
SOME are good Some are bad, Some are happy Some are sad, Some are amicable Some downright miserable, Some are quiet Some not so, oh how they noisily blow
The parent was told to noisily go to bed to reassure the baby that they were in the same room and pretend to sleep When their babies were aged three weeks, parents also received a visit from a health professional who gave key advice on preventing sleep problems.
Almost 5,500 Villa fans travelled to Deepdale yesterday and they noisily chanted: "You're not fit to wear the shirt.
All around, floating dry kappies are being noisily slurped off the surface .