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full of or characterized by loud and nonmusical sounds


attracting attention by showiness or bright colors

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Last week, the government named a house in Greater Manchester, whose garden overlooks a tram track and main road,as the noisiest.
UK Noise Association asked the public to nominate the most deafening roads to find the top 10 noisiest.
Earlier this month,I road-tested the package in Barcelona at the Spanish Grand Prix: the world's noisiest sport in the world's second noisiest country -as local newspapers proudly boast.
The noisiest one we had was probably squibs or jacky-jumpers.
Claymores take their 2-1 record on the road against Frankfurt Galaxy in the noisiest stadium in Europe - the Waldstadion - on Saturday night.
Six of the seven noisiest flights out of Burbank Airport are these corporate jets.
My grandsons, aged seven and eight, recently got the noisiest toys I've ever come across.
That was the reaction from residents living in a Merthyr Tydfil road, today dubbed the noisiest in Wales and one of the loudest in Britain.
If anything, Anfield should be the noisiest ground in the country because the fans are so close to the pitch.
He said: "The Waldstadion is perhaps the noisiest stadium in professional sport and that is one reason why Frankfurt have been so successful.
By comparison, the Lear 25, one of the noisiest jets flown from Van Nuys Airport, and one of the most common business jets based there, has a target noise level of 103.
NEWCASTLE was yesterday branded Britain's noisiest place, with Birmingham and London clattering along close behind.
The male European buzzing spider earns the title of the noisiest spider by vibrating its stomach against a leaf to attract mates.
Older computer and record company executives in tailored suits carry over earlier trade-show conversations and try to make deals at the bar, the noisiest spot in the entire club.
Remote and wild it may be, but Oliver finds a shoreline bulging with superlatives - including the busiest air-traffic controllers, the windiest golf course, the site of what was once the world's largest explosives factory and some toads who are ranked as the rarest and also the noisiest amphibians in Britain.