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full of or characterized by loud and nonmusical sounds


attracting attention by showiness or bright colors

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Teams are to test noisier options straight after the Spanish Grand Prix in three weeks' time, the report added.
City's supporters were considerably noisier in the second period when Andy Thorn's side enjoyed a much more impressive 45 minutes.
Indians have festivals that are noisier than this, right?
The Van Nuys Airport, a regional airport located in the Los Angeles area in California, will be holding a public meeting associated with the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) that the airport is in the process of preparing for the Noisier Aircraft Phaseout project.
THE new generation of environmentally-friendly cars are so quiet they are to be made noisier in the interests of safety.
Sections of it are used practically as a creche and it's noisier than the bus station.
Canon John Roberts spoke on the theme of "holy ground", challenging the noisier visitors to respect the spiritual nature of the place.
On the much messier and noisier side is the third LP by the Black Lips.
The City Council on Friday unanimously approved a resolution to get federal legislation to require older, noisier jets be phased out from Van Nuys Airport and other facilities in seven years.
They seem to get noisier every year and even when you are sitting in your own living room,theexplosionsmakeyou jump.
I explained that Irish wakes are noisier than wakes in other cultures, but this means no disrespect.
After the eagle-related call, the hornbills got noisier, making more calls than before the recording, and more than 70 percent of the birds approached the sound, a typical defensive measure that presumably indicates to the intruder that it has been seen.
Southern sides of the wings have a long, thinner common space with porches opening to the landscape, aquariums and greenhouses, and facilities for noisier and dirtier activities.
In places roughly ten times noisier, speech recognition has about a 2% error rate; AVSR's is still pretty good (1% error rate).
Laminate flooring is, of course, noisier than carpet but he is only exercising his right to walk across his floor.