noise pollution

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annoying and potentially harmful environmental noise

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About Echo Barrier USA Echo Barrier USA (Echo Barrier) is the global leading supplier of acoustic solutions for the increasing problem of excessive noise and noise pollution affecting people on a daily basis.
The proposal to reduce noise pollution, which has the support of the associations of leisure centres, will have positive results.
SSP Matloob also directed police personnel to ensure implementation of traffic laws in letter and spirit and educate the citizens about hazards of noise pollution.
Though there are certain things which cause severe noise pollution in Peshawar city, but it is mostly owing to prolonged power outage, vehicles horns and industries.
PWD secretary Arun Baroka said, " We agree that something needs to be done about noise pollution in Panchsheel Park but we can't do anything overnight.
The number one cause of noise pollution in Europe is road traffic.
Littering causes land pollution, rubbish tipping into the water causes water pollution, factories pouring out smoke cause air pollution and loud sounds cause noise pollution.
Different models are presented for noise pollution calculation.
Peter Wilson, Technical Director of Echo Barrier, said, "Health and safety laws and guidelines may vary, but the problems of noise pollution are constant throughout the world.
Hussain Nasser Lootah, director-general of the municipality, said: "When asked about the types of pollution, we all count everything except noise pollution, which leaves a deep impact on human health.
This data will be analysed later in order to identify areas experiencing high levels of noise pollution.
DubaiMunicipality will be keeping their ear to the ground next month as part of a campaign against noise pollution.
While noise pollution in big cities has long been perceived as an inevitable challenge by governments across the globe, noise laws and ordinances have become common place in local and national governance, especially in developed countries.
ISLAMABAD -- The auto workshops in residential areas of federal capital are creating problems and causing noise pollution while, they have demanded of the high authorities to shift these auto workshops outside from the residential areas.
Little by little, our world is becoming louder, with the creeping spread of noise pollution infiltrating our homes, our workplaces, and even our wilderness.