noise pollution

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annoying and potentially harmful environmental noise

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No measures are adopted to control the air and noise pollution.
Take photos or, if it's a noise pollution issue, keep a diary.
Nonetheless, the director of operations in the inspectorate department, Mr Peter Mbaya, said that the county will not hesitate to arrest people who do not comply with the Nema rules on noise pollution.
They were sitting on a band stand when Nema raided our gig for trumped-up noise pollution charges.
The state police have been directed to remove all loudspeakers present in public places, religious and otherwise that have been installed without appropriate permission being sanctioned towards the same, in a bid to curb noise pollution caused by them.
Stating that sudden acute noise pollution caused the extreme harm, Anandsaid normally, there could be a dip in the blood pressure at night when people sleep - also referred to as nocturnal dipping.
gov/clean-air-act-overview/clean-air-act-title-iv-noise-pollution) noise pollution is noise that interferes with normal activities, such as sleeping and conversation, and disrupts or diminishes our quality of life.
The Indian Noise Pollution Rules are based on the World Health Organisation Report "Community Noise" which states that areas around hospitals should be defined as Silence Zones so that patients are not exposed to noise pollution over 50dB in the day time and 40 dB in the nighttime.
No federal law regulates noise pollution, and many states have no laws to restrict it.
This was done in order to comply with the Nation Green Tribunal's direction to enforce Noise Pollution Rules 2000 during marriage functions.
This bill seeks to regulate the use of mufflers, those that are missing, defective, and their modifications that increase the sound emitted by a motor vehicle, contributing to noise pollution, penalizing owners and drivers that contribute to the sound that exacerbate noise pollution to our environment,' said Gatchalian in his bill.
Noise pollution has harmful effects on both our body and mind.
He said noise pollution annoys, distracts and harms other people.
Noise pollution is updated with its new generation, as noise pollution that is considered to be caused by automobiles, industries etc.
Ayia Napa will roll out measures in a bid to tackle noise pollution in a move that aims to protect the thousands of people who visit the popular holiday resort each year.