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the amplitude level of the undesired background noise

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Noise levels associated with different kinds of traffic--whether from motor vehicles on roadways, ships maneuvering in waterways, trains passing through rail corridors, or planes in the sky--affect communities and natural environments across the country.
Thus the noise levels are high and the enclosures are bulky and unsightly We have our own fabrication and RandD facility.
In order to analyze hospital environment noise a MSL-1325A, Minipa[R] decibel meter was used, set for slow response time (slow) in order to verify the fluctuating mean noise level.
EVERY two years, or if significant changes have been made, all UK employers are required to assess the noise levels in their factory or workplace and establish what actions should be taken to protect their employees.
COUNCIL bosses will meet with organisers of the Fusion Festival after receiving complaints from nearby residents over noise levels.
3-200 Hz) and middle (250 Hz-6300 Hz) frequencies, at high frequencies (8000 Hz-20000 Hz) noise level was higher at reference point.
The common noise level in most units is 80-120 dB(A), which is really hazardous.
The question, "Generally speaking, please tell me if you are very satisfied, rather satisfied, rather unsatisfied or not at all satisfied with the quality of the air and the noise level in your city?
Request for quotations: Monitoring Of Air Quality And Noise Levels On The Border Of The Sanitary Protection Zone
However, it is difficult to use these algorithms to accurately determine the noise level in complex textured images.
Petra//S Kh According to data collected by WHO, about 50% of young people aged between 12 and 35 from countries with high and medium income are exposed to extremely high noise levels.
Some models can calculate equivalent noise level base on flow-speed diagram, Makarewicz and Galuszka
4) NIHL is a common occupation related problem, especially where hazardous noise level (more than 85dB) is present.
Results from these studies led to the development of a tonal noise correction factor to be added to the metric that had been used to quantify human perception to aircraft noise, Perceived Noise Level (PNL).