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the amplitude level of the undesired background noise

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Firecrackers were more often used during processions as compared to previous years adding to the noise levels, said Sumaira Abdul Ali, founder of the NGO.
Petra//S Kh According to data collected by WHO, about 50% of young people aged between 12 and 35 from countries with high and medium income are exposed to extremely high noise levels.
Some models can calculate equivalent noise level base on flow-speed diagram, Makarewicz and Galuszka
2013) In the frame of the PERS project realized in Sweden and in Japan the investigation on reduction of noise level through the use of poroelastic road surfaces was conducted (Fujiwara et at.
31 seconds, and the lowest achievable ambient background noise level in the space is 37dBA.
CPCB officials do say, however, that Delhi recorded the highest noise level on Diwali compared to other big cities across the country primarily because the festival is celebrated the most in north India.
The rankings will provide an overview of those airlines that are currently exceeding the permitted noise levels and work as a basis for a system of fines for the worst offenders.
If you need to raise your voice to communicate with someone one meter away, the noise level is too high.
In our assessment, we examined two scenarios to estimate the impact of the aircraft noise on the population sleep disturbances: (7) a yearly attenuation of 21 dB(A) of the outdoor noise level, and an attenuation of 15 dB(A) (windows constantly open).
Japanese researchers determined that using T and Y shape barriers, the noise level was 3 dB lower than the noise level using a usual straight barrier of the same height.
The previous weekend, a police campaign to reduce noise levels in Ayiou Antoniou Street in Kato Paphos ended up in a huge fracas which left three police officers injured, and the same number of men in custody.
The study assessed noise level emitted by vibrator concrete block (VCB) factories in Abeokuta city in order to compare it with the permissible noise limit.
Without the silence kit, the noise level of the Smart ROC T35 and T40 is 127 dB(A) at peak power.
In a study of about 100 adult patients at their medical center, she and her colleagues found that noise levels in patient rooms at night tended to be lower than during the day, but almost always exceeded recommendations for average and maximum noise level.
An inspection found the noise level in the resident s bedroom to be 62 decibels, above acceptable limits.