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the condition of being noisy (as in a communication channel)

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Also, the beamformer had the most impact on the higher speed noise conditions (100 and 120 kph).
The lowest PR condition with a double asterisk in each column could be interpreted then as a threshold of annoyance for that noise condition.
In this paper, we propose a robust background subtraction method based on dictionary learning and sparse coding to handle the large noise condition.
We establish such a convergence theory by imitating the infinite-dimensional theory and using appropriate noise conditions and regularity conditions.
By using Wilcoxon signed rank test, the differences in F1 between the quiet (Q) and noise conditions (B = Babble, P = Pink) were significant for short vowels in Q versus P (Z = -5.
As well as the performance of SNRseg, under different types of noise conditions at all SNR levels, the CM-MSS estimator yielded significantly higher PESQ scores than the MMSE-MSS estimator, either.
Figure 4 shows the imaging capabilities of CS method under different noise conditions compared with MF-based BP algorithm using 6000 random selected samples.
Duration of examination should be such that at least 6 signals related to the least active flaw indication to be revealed will be detected under specific AE background noise conditions using the particular system and examination setup.
According to Kobus, tests were performed in four languages (English, French, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese) so the system can be used with more than 30 dialects, many vehicle types, and in a wide range of driving and noise conditions.
Describe the noise conditions during the experiment.
It was predicted, first, that participants who are given positive information regarding the effects of listening to Mozart should answer more items correctly on tests of spatial (and verbal) reasoning after listening to Mozart, compared to those who receive neutral or negative instructions; the same effect of expectations should be shown for silence and white noise conditions.
7) Results from subjective testing to determine speech intelligibility levels under various background noise conditions indicate that a good speech intelligibility rating can be achieved in offices located in downtown environments with background noise levels up to 59 dBA.
This was because, although the improved air quality and noise conditions were clearly acceptable, even the improved lighting was not found to be acceptable.
Each element on the web page is analysed and adapted to the smaller screen, with viewing of video enabled by transcoding Internet video streams to mobile formats and frame rate adjusted continuously based on available bandwidth, latency and noise conditions.
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