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the condition of being noisy (as in a communication channel)

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The lowest PR condition with a double asterisk in each column could be interpreted then as a threshold of annoyance for that noise condition.
We establish such a convergence theory by imitating the infinite-dimensional theory and using appropriate noise conditions and regularity conditions.
By using Wilcoxon signed rank test, the differences in F1 between the quiet (Q) and noise conditions (B = Babble, P = Pink) were significant for short vowels in Q versus P (Z = -5.
Section 4 evaluates the performance of the proposed system under a different level of noise conditions.
1999, 2002), responses were not catergorized as either 'correct' or 'incorrect', but were examined by assessing the changes in numbers of the three response categories between silence and noise conditions.
We are trying to proceed with installing more automatic noise measurement devices to get a clear idea of the noise conditions and are engaging in measures such as soundproofing residences in the area, and we hope to continue our efforts," Kitahara said.
As a result, the TI design has a higher performance level that allows better transmission quality under extreme cable noise conditions.
Level One's architecture, design platform and integration path allows partners the flexibility to optimize performance for specific noise environments including regional loop and noise conditions common in the European and international telephone networks.
The Terayon modems are particularly well suited to the Mexican cable market, where the cable systems include a broad range of system noise conditions.
For that to happen, the FAA requires airport officials to complete a lengthy and expensive study of noise conditions called a Part 161 study.
Other favorable points included quiet (60-80 dB) operation, an important factor in a facility where current noise conditions were just below the OSHA threshold requiring heating protection; machine cleanliness, oil leakage elimination; easy access to mechanical systems; and convenient placement of the controls.
In addition, the extensive library of captured field signals enables the Smart Tuner[TM] X7 to handle the most extreme cases of distortion, interference and noise conditions found anywhere in the world.
The patented technology provides a real-time monitoring solution that measures pressure, flow and noise conditions in water mains and uses proprietary software to analyze changes in leak conditions.
A noise study was requested to determine chiller noise conditions due to the chiller installation and to develop and recommend noise mitigation, if necessary to conform to noise ordinance and/or resolve the residential noise complaint.
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