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City and municipal projects vary greatly from most commercial projects and a one-size fits all approach simply does not work when seeking approval for these types of upgrades," said Scott Harmon, chief executive officer of Noesis.
Noesis Energy's online energy management service uses big data analytics to make sense of the data and help building professionals, consultants and others work together to realize significant cost savings from energy.
A Noesis partner, Seiberlich Trane Energy Services, recently won a bid from a Delaware-based church that needed to fix a broken boiler.
It's a huge information management and decision support problem that Noesis Energy is tackling head on.
New hire Hiren Patel, a veteran of Capital One's small business and auto finance divisions, and recently the new product and business development lead on the Sam's Club Financial Services team at Walmart, will oversee and spearhead the launch of the promotional financing program, as well as work with both new and existing institutional credit providers to the Noesis marketplace.
SalesBOOST facilitates digital downloads of huge files through our e-commerce engine, and for the first time, we have the ability to electronically deliver our tutorials to the video gamer who does not want to wait for their DVD to arrive in the mail," said Dave Larson, Chairman of Noesis Interactive.
As America's infrastructure continues to age, energy saving upgrades will play an increasingly important role in reducing costs," said Scott Harmon, chief executive officer, Noesis.
OEChem, OpenEye's programming library for chemistry and cheminformatics, will provide functionalities including SMILES parsing, SMARTS compiling, and substructure searching within NSISToolkit, the flagship product from Noesis that supports compound selection, molecular library and de novo design.
Signing up with Noesis in the fall of 2014, the company has already closed multiple deals using Noesis; half of which were financed with Noesis and the remainder were closed with the help of Noesis sales tools yet chose to use internal funds for the project.
Whiteley has tenured with Noesis for three years and, prior to that, worked at Quantum for three years, a Noesis sister agency dedicated exclusively to building consumer healthcare brands.
24, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Noesis, the tech-enabled lending marketplace for financing energy-saving commercial building improvements, today announced a fifth lender to its syndicate of capital providers, a necessary step to meeting the needs of Noesis users who are estimated to generate over $1 billion in financing proposals in 2015.
Noesis, a professional advertising and promotion unit of CommonHealth based in Morristown, today announced the appointment of John Dietz as executive vice president, chief creative officer.
Over the past year, Noesis has grown its base of partners by more than 10 times and now exceeds 150 companies who sell energy-saving equipment and services to commercial building owners, including over 70% of regional Trane independents and dealers.
CommonHealth comprises HLS, Adient, Altum, Carbon, Conectics, Ferguson, MBS/Vox, Noesis, ProCom, Qi, Quantum, Solara and Xchange.
9, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Noesis, the tech-powered commercial lending marketplace, announced today an agreement between Clean Fund LLC ("Clean Fund") and Noesis to provide an innovative financing option for commercial property owners.