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having minute nodules

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Antemucronal area sculptured like central areas, postmucronal area sharply differentiated with 12-16 strong, nodulose, radial ribs; ribs of differing widths, some ribs splitting, bearing a few tubercles near outer margin.
It is composed of massive to nodulose limestones with a thickness (probably >50 m) greater than that recorded on the eastern flank.
Jeff Garner, the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources' mollusk biologist, rediscovered the cobble elimia and the nodulose Coosa River snail on a dive in the Coosa River.
A similar case may be the Atlantic species Littorina striata, which has either a nodulose or a smooth shell form associated with different microhabitats despite planktonic larvae and evidences of high gene flow between the morphs (De Wolf et al.