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a small node

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small rounded wartlike protuberance on a plant


(mineralogy) a small rounded lump of mineral substance (usually harder than the surrounding rock or sediment)

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Subsequent to contrast agent injection, harmonic gray scale CEUS was applied to scan the thyroid gland and the nodule for at least 150 secs and the dynamic images were recorded.
There were 17 females and 16 males (Figure 1) presenting with solitary nodule with overall mean (+SD) age of 43.
If you felt the neck of every patient that you saw, 4%-7% would have a palpable thyroid nodule," the endocrinologist said.
Traditionally, patients with multinodular goiter have been considered to have a lower risk of malignancy than those with a single nodule.
In general, the recurrent laryngeal nerve is located in the tracheoesophageal grooves, and the vagus nerve is located between the carotid artery and internal jugular vein, but variations of the vagus nerve and a bulging large thyroid nodule may change the location of the vagus nerve, positioning it closer to the thyroid nodule.
14) Nodule size is consistently and independently predictive of a risk of malignancy.
Each of the biopsied nodule was subsequently placed into one of five categories on the basis of sonographic features i.
As the authors explained, "Points are given for all the ultrasound features in a nodule, with more suspicious features being awarded additional points.
Thyroid nodule patients with low risk should be kept under observation and clinical follow up and do cytological investigations but in high risk cases, management has to be more aggressive.
This creates a burden on healthcare systems and a complex management problem, which is exacerbated by hospital IT infrastructure not designed to capture nodule patients.
Seedlings were counted for nodulation and efficiency depending on appearance of nodules, nodule color and growth characteristics, including seedling length (cm), seedling diameter (mm), number of leaves and nodules per seedling.
The best way to manage a pulmonary nodule depends on the patient's history, risk factors for cancer, and nodule characteristics.
did not find that small thyroid nodule size significantly influenced the risk of false-negative FNAC results, although they did observe a trend toward a higher false-negative rate (FNR) in the subcentimeter nodules [13].
Worrisome initial ultrasound patterns, however, should throw up a red flag even if the nodule is cytologically negative at baseline, Dr.
Conclusion: Identification of calcification, hypoechogenecity and solid with ill-defined margins in a thyroid nodule on ultrasound was helpful in suspecting thyroid malignancy and warranted urgent diagnostic fine needle aspiration cytology.