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having nodules or occurring in the form of nodules

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Even though all N-fixing trees and shrubs in this study were nodulated, increases in our index of soil N fertility, amino sugar N accretion, associated with nitrogen fixing shrubs occurred primarily in soil beneath N fixers where environmental factors such as lower slope position, higher soil moisture holding capacity and lower background soil N fertility occurred.
All plant varieties nodulated on this soil type except Groundnut ALR1.
Consequently, in most of the instances of rhizosphere activity reported here, it is likely that the nitrogen-fixing association is loose and fortuitous rather than mutualistic as in the nodulated species.
Accumulation of [gamma]-aminobutyric acid in nodulated soybean in response to drought stress.
While neurofibromas can develop anywhere, NF-1 is considered the "peripheral" disease that is characterized by many small nodulated tumors that occur prominently on the trunk and along the brachial plexi.
After 12 weeks, the poorly nodulated seedlings looked small and stunted compared to plants having the benefit of elite inoculation.
Effect of increased temperature and drought associated to climate change on change on productivity of nodulated alfalfa.
Standard analyses of soil were conducted on <2 mm sieved soil, which in the Chromosol removed much of the (highly variable) content of ferric nodulated material (buckshot) from the subsoil and effectively concentrated the remaining fine material.
Stem nodulation and nodulated adventitious roots were observed in
Pigeon pea is nodulated by rhizobia classified as cowpea miscellany, which are usually abundant in tropical soils [17].
medicae frequently nodulated Medicago species that are adapted to acid soils, while S.
Application of nitrate to a nodulated plant represses nitrogen fixation and initiates nodule senescence (Brewin, 1991).