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Synonyms for nodulated

having nodules or occurring in the form of nodules

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fixed N in aboveground biomass and nodulated roots) were estimated to be 6-338 kg N/ha (mean 126 [+ or -]83 kg N/ha); however, despite the wide variation in [N.
The potential roles of lime and molybdenum on the growth, nitrogen fixation and assimilation of metabolites in nodulated legume: A special reference to Phaseolus vulgaris L.
Even though all N-fixing trees and shrubs in this study were nodulated, increases in our index of soil N fertility, amino sugar N accretion, associated with nitrogen fixing shrubs occurred primarily in soil beneath N fixers where environmental factors such as lower slope position, higher soil moisture holding capacity and lower background soil N fertility occurred.
Seventeen varieties were moderately nodulated with 10-20 root nodules per plant while eleven varieties had less than 10 root nodules per plant (Table 1) At 50% flowering stage, M.
The role of long-distance transport in intracellular pH regulation in Phaseolus vulgaris growth with ammonium or nitrate as nitrogen source, or nodulated.
Influence of soluble sugars on seed quality in nodulated common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.
Differential organ-specific response to salt stress and water deficit in nodulated bean (Phaseolus vulgaris).
Nodule formation was observed in all soil types and their mixtures employed in this investigation except for sandy and clay soil where only Beans 5 and 2 nodulated, respectively.
She provides a more global perspective on legume nodulation; demonstrates that nodulated legumes are found in all habitats and do not conform to prescribed rules; and counters some generalizations about them.
This material was inoculated just prior to planting with a specific Bradyrhizobium culture obtained by immersing 1 kg of profusely nodulated A.
diversifolia include the occurrence of a nodulated ring of procambium from which vascular bundles develop, and the maintenance of discrete wedge-shaped tissues, an aggregate of primary and secondary vascular tissues at the early part of secondary growth.