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Synonyms for node

Synonyms for node

a connecting point at which several lines come together

any thickened enlargement

(botany) the small swelling that is the part of a plant stem from which one or more leaves emerge

(physics) the point of minimum displacement in a periodic system

(astronomy) a point where an orbit crosses a plane

any bulge or swelling of an anatomical structure or part

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If neighboring sensor node, [S.sub.K] is within 25% of sensing range of sensor, [S.sub.i] then [S.sub.K] is considered as redundant node or overlapping node and it is made inactive by simply turning it off.
Euclidian distance, Edist, between sensor node, [S.sub.i], for i=1 to N, located at optimal position, ([Xopt.sub.j], [Yopt.sub.j] ) for j= 1 to Index and its neighboring sensor node, [S.sub.K] is determined.
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The simulations are conducted to verify the influence of parameter a on the lifetime of wireless sensor networks, the choice of node paths, the routing energy loss, and the residual energy of nodes.
The number of nodes also affects the routing energy consumption of the source node routing to the sink node.
Formula (6) shows that when a value is close to 0, the value of Q depends on the preserved Agent node's Q value.
Besides, each node in the network is stationary and has a unique ID.
(A2) Each node has a unique ID, and new IDs are forbidden after the network deployed.
(A3) Each node knows its own and neighbors' relative locations and geographic positions.
For the same data packet, each node in the network forwards the data packet only once to the neighbor nodes.
As the nodes are evenly deployed in the network approximately, the number of neighbor nodes h for every node can be calculated as:
If the wormhole link is composed of m attack nodes, the number of neighbor nodes of the attacked node is mh theoretically.