nod off

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Synonyms for nod off

change from a waking to a sleeping state

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Almost a quarter wanted to nod off to the smell of freshly cut grass, reminding them of long, happy summer days.
Men are twice as likely as women to fall asleep while driving, and young people are much more likely than to nod off than older people.
People who get eight full hours of sleep might not have the same problem, he says, because they won't nod off again that easily.
President William Howard Taft had severe sleep apnea during his presidency from 1909 to 1913, which could explain his tendency to nod off at work or even while playing cards, medical and historical reports indicate.
The researchers speculate that overweight people are more prone to sleeping disorders and more likely to nod off at the wheel.
Thank heaven for short stories--they provide all the pleasures of a novel, but you can start and finish one before you nod off to sleep.
More school-specific manners include not interrupting, asking permission for bathroom breaks and, puh-lease, resist the urge to nod off.
If you typically nod off during the day, ask yourself one simple question: am I getting enough sleep at night?
Surrealism's scabrous shock of unconscious desires made visible has become common fare for generations that nod off nightly in front of the madcap, hallucinatory special effects of MTV.
Try not to nod off at the wheel, or facedown in soup.