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a pensive lyrical piece of music (especially for the piano)

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L'association " Forza Tounes " a juge " indispensable " de decreter un couvre -feu nocturne pour faire face a des mouvements de protestation juges " suspects ".
There isn't really anything like the Rapha Nocturne, there is always a great crowd and it's in the city centre of London.
3km circuit that ran past the Guildhall and St Paul's Cathedral - in the heart of the City of London - the Rapha Nocturne is a day-to-night festival of cycling that welcomes both elite and amateur cyclists to the streets of the capital.
The Nocturne Area Sewer Improvements was recommended generally in response to sources of infiltration or inflow observed during the detailed SSESs performed in 2010-2011 or, by reviewing the CCTV data collected by the City in previous years.
New York Nocturne doesn't depend upon just a way of looking at
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Proverb 9 On ice 10 Eight 11 Tutored 12 Tot 13 Flagrant 16 Straddle 17 Cry 19 Chorizo 21 Rites 22 Along 23 Seminar DOWN: 1 Aplenty 2 Forget it 3 Test 4 Nocturne 5 Pier 6 Reedy 8 Bits and bobs 13 Flamingo 14 Nicotine 15 Eyesore 18 Ocean 20 Oboe 21 Rump QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Defenceless 8 Ram 9 Ate 11 Origami 12 Tiger 13 Get 14 Ewe 15 Piranha 17 Era 19 Cast 21 Rang 23 Aged 25 Lamp 27 Dot 29 Therapy 31 Nap 34 Flu 36 Crisp 37 Special 38 Hip 39 Sky 40 Demonstrate DOWN: 1 Dare 2 Emit 3 Evasion 4 Climax 5 Latch 6 Sage 7 Stew 8 Rogue 10 Erect 16 Ace 18 Arm 20 Add 22 Apt 24 Gap year 25 Lunch 26 Crisis 28 Truly 30 Hippo 32 Arid 33 Pipe 34 Fist 35 Lake
Ce Ramadan, plus que les autres, est marque par une vie nocturne exceptionnelle.
Dans son preche, l'Imam a rappele que la Oumma islamique a celebre dernierement (le 27 du mois de Rajab) l'anniversaire de Al Isr Walmiiraj (le voyage nocturne et l'ascension), un evenement glorieux de l'histoire de l'Islam qui revet de profondes significations et dont le Tout Puissant a comble son messager en l'an 11 du debut de la religion toute naissante, citant le verset de la Sourate "Al Isr": "Gloire a Celui qui fit voyager de nuit Son Serviteur de la Mosquee sacree a la Mosquee la plus eloignee dont Nous avons beni les alentours, afin de lui faire decouvrir certains de Nos signes
Tony Palmer's Nocturne The Artrix, Bromsgrove Among the many facets of Benjamin Britten's character we have gleaned during the 100 years since his birth are his anti-war sentiments, most powerfully expressed in his War Requiem, premiered at the consecration of Sir Basil Spence's new Coventry Cathedral on May 30, 1962.
com)-- Megan Hussey and Noble Romance present Noelle's Nocturne, a Yuletide tale of love, passion and mystery, set in the splendorous beauty of the Victorian era.
Among Spanish moss and not much else, Tatum crafted the demos that would become Nocturne, his fantastic sophomore LP.
In the final installment of the Oliver Nocturne series, the teen vampire who retains a connection to his human soul is on the verge of fulfilling his prophecy to open the Gate at Nexia.
The Chopin selection was wideranging (a Ballade, Nocturne, Scherzo, Etudes and Mazurkas) with Perahia finding the right mood and character throughout.
Jordan Scott s lawsuit accuses Meyer of copyright infringement and argues that, as Scott wrote her vampire novel "The Nocturne," she posted passages online, and that Meyer stole ideas from Scott s work for her own book.
London, Aug 5 (ANI): Stephenie Meyer, author of Twilight, has been accused of plagiarism by Jordan Scott, author of 'The Nocturne.