nocturnal emission

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ejaculation during sleep (usually during a dream)

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Nocturnal emission was purely a complain of young age (18 to 25 years) in our study with 43.0% patients of this age group had NE.
Kevin Leman and sexuality educator Kathy Flores Bell present A Chicken's Guide To Talking Turkey With Your Kids About Sex, a straightforward guide for parents and educators about teaching young people about the first period, first nocturnal emission, dating relationships, STDs, molestation, and much more.
Assuming, as our school systems on the whole do, that all students are ready and able to tackle the same curriculum over the same amount of time by virtue of being in the same grade is no more realistic than suggesting that every twelve-year-old boy must have his first nocturnal emission and every twelve-year-old girl must reach menarche at the same time.
The discomfort in your testicles at night and the resulting discharge is most likely nocturnal emissions, otherwise known as wet dreams in layman's language.
The primary focus of the video was nocturnal emissions. Included in the video were animated diagrams of what occurs during these nocturnal events complete with arrows indicating the direction of the emission.