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For example wind tunnel assays showed strong attraction of European noctuid moths (Hadena bicruris and Autographa gamma) to lilac compounds even at low dosages (Plepys et al.
1994): Auditory changes in noctuid moths endemic to a bat-free habitat.
1971): Acoustic response of the B cell in noctuid moths.
Treat (1957): Ultrasonic reception by the tympanic organ of noctuid moths.
According to a report in Nature News, the study used radar to track the movement of more than 100,000 noctuid moths, hawkmoths and butterflies as they migrated to northern Europe in the spring and south to the Mediterranean in autumn every year between 2000 and 2007.
Little information is available, however, about noctuid moths that are not considered pests (Rejmanek and Spitzer 1982; Yela 1992).
Wings of Noctuid moths were recovered most often in feeding roosts of C.
The most abundant nocturnal visitors were noctuid moths, hawkmoths and geometrid moths.
The present study indicates that Silene alba has a wide array of visitors, the most common of which are bees, syrphid flies, noctuid moths and sphingid moths.
Olefinic aldehydes as constituents of sex attractants for noctuid moths.
There are previous reports of PAA being attractive to other insects, including several noctuid moths and sphecoid and scoliodid wasps (Meagher & Mitchell 1999; Meagher 2001).
In Florida, PAA is a strong attractant for several noctuid moths from different subfamilies, but particularly for soybean looper moths Chrysodeixis = Pseudoplusia includens (Walker) (Meagher 2001a, 2002).