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shining or glowing by night

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Alternatively, looking skywards 60 to 90 minutes after the sun has set and you might be lucky enough to observe the spectacular neon blue streaks referred to as Noctilucent, or night shinning, clouds, high in the sky.
Flying at night and at high altitudes, noctilucent clouds reveal fine signatures of mesospheric turbulence which can't be discerned from the ground.
Volkert, 2012: Notes on historical aspects on the earliest known observations of noctilucent clouds.
Noctilucent clouds appear as a wispy layer of silvery strands in the northern horizon, with ripples, waves and streaks of interwoven threads.
Samra and his colleagues also received G-force training, space crew resource management and spacesuit training, and completed a comprehensive study on noctilucent cloud science.
The program intends to send trained astronauts to the Mesosphere altitude (at 83 Km) to study noctilucent clouds.
Later we're shown an image one of the staff members, keen astrophotographer Matt Robinson, took of noctilucent clouds from his home in Sunderland, an image of such significance a film crew are due to follow him round for a week.
Using measurements of noctilucent clouds as a guide, Schilling suggested that the mesosphere's height might vary from roughly 100 km at the equator down to 82 km at latitude 60[degrees] north or south.
ELECTRIC-BLUE CLOUDS: A vast bank of electric-blue clouds has appeared over Antarctica, signaling the start of the season for southern hemisphere noctilucent clouds.
In 2007, Hampton University (Hampton, VA) launched a $140 million weather satellite from Vandenberg Air Force Base to study noctilucent clouds in the ionosphere; with this feat, Hampton University became the first HBCU to have 100% responsibility and control of a NASA satellite mission (Harvey).
John Rowlands has been shortlisted for the BBC Radio 4 Amateur Scientist of the Year for his groundbreaking study of noctilucent clouds (NLC).
The ISS provides a unique vantage point to observe atmospheric phenomena such as polar mesospheric (or noctilucent) clouds and aurora, particularly when these can be coordinated with on-the-ground field campaigns.
Group 3 Classic Trial winner Simeon and French Listed scorer Noctilucent have also earned European black type for him.
Scientists from Caltech and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, claim that the widespread use of hydrogen fuel cells could cause stratospheric cooling, increased ozone destruction, changes in lower-atmosphere chemistry and atmosphere-biosphere interactions and an increase in noctilucent clouds--eery high-altitude clouds whose abundance, some scientists suspect, is influenced by climate change.