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shining or glowing by night

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Noctilucent clouds appear as a wispy layer of silvery strands in the northern horizon, with ripples, waves and streaks of interwoven threads.
The noctilucent cloud season was just starting and members were reminded to keep a look out for them in morning and evening twilight.
In 2007, Hampton University (Hampton, VA) launched a $140 million weather satellite from Vandenberg Air Force Base to study noctilucent clouds in the ionosphere; with this feat, Hampton University became the first HBCU to have 100% responsibility and control of a NASA satellite mission (Harvey).
John Rowlands has been shortlisted for the BBC Radio 4 Amateur Scientist of the Year for his groundbreaking study of noctilucent clouds (NLC).
Night shining" clouds, or shimmering noctilucent clouds, are very thin and wispy, which makes them almost invisible during the day.
Group 3 Classic Trial winner Simeon and French Listed scorer Noctilucent have also earned European black type for him.
Scientists from Caltech and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, claim that the widespread use of hydrogen fuel cells could cause stratospheric cooling, increased ozone destruction, changes in lower-atmosphere chemistry and atmosphere-biosphere interactions and an increase in noctilucent clouds--eery high-altitude clouds whose abundance, some scientists suspect, is influenced by climate change.
Each vehicle maintains seventy-five to one hundred meters of space between it and the forward vehicle, and the two scout units drive five to seven kilometers ahead of the convoy, investigating suspicious-looking holes or trash piles and then dropping a noctilucent green "chem-stick" by areas of irregularity it has deemed safe.
23Swim in a noctilucent bay at night: This should be easy for the Welsh as Oxwich Bay has tiny micro-organisms which light up when stirred leaving a fluorescent trail.
Since the late 1960s, the appearance of noctilucent clouds has increased, providing inspiration for those inclined towards photography, romance and prose.
Cloud experts have sighted beautiful noctilucent clouds, or silvery blue ice clouds, over Colorado--1,000 kilometers farther south than usual.
not a chance / this noctilucent afternoon / to put any best light
The poet's unpurgeable humanity and affiance to the things of this world make him pause when going out "past the blackset noctilucent clouds / where one wants to stop and look.
These so-called noctilucent ice clouds may become visible as far south as Philadelphia in the next century because of greenhouse gases accumulating in Earth's atmosphere, according to calculations by Gary Thomas of the University of Colorado at Boulder and his colleagues.
Images include optical phenomena such as moon glitter on the ocean, a lunar corona, noctilucent clouds, mirages, supersuns, and underwater 3-D imaging.