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make small marks into the surface of

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As a small child, he marvelled wide-eyed at his family's performance on the tightrope--his father, mother and elder brother demonstrating their skills At the age of four, when he was steady enough on his feet, he too started to learn the skills of the family trade and became a master of the tightrope, "I first practised at 50 centimetres above the ground; later, I advanced to a height of 2.50 metres," Nock remembers "To me, that was already high.
Caption: When it comes to bowhunting, it's good to sweat the small stuff by weighing your vanes, inserts, nocks and other arrow components.
'Dealer development is the cornerstone of our business," said Corey Paulsen, Nock Out national sales manager.
But One shoulder-fired weapon of its type stands out among all the rest, the Nock Volley Gun.
The planning committee's decision was a massive boost to the Nocks Brickworks Resident Action Group which has been campaigning against Persimmon's proposed 200-house development.
If contact occurs, rotate nocks slightly; finally, move your nock point down 1/8 inch.
Bowfire uses standard diameter 8/32 components for compatibility with your favorite broadheads and nock systems, features three spines (330/9.6 gpi, 400/8.5 gpi, and 480/7.5 gpi) for ideal tuning with most hunting rigs, and comes with direct-fit S Nocks and standard RPS inserts precision built to Easton's specifications for field reliability and confident shooting.
MSRP: $35.28 per 3 CONTACT: Nockturnal Lighted Nocks, 800-282-4868;
Instead of factory nocks, I shoot lighted nocks wherever they are legal (and they should be legal everywhere).
Twist nocks to allow clean passage or adjust drop-away spring tension or activation-cord length to promote proper clearance.
The truth is, if you want to be the best archer you can be, you have to pay attention to the tiniest details, such as the way your arrow nocks fit on your bowstring.