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make small marks into the surface of

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I always use serving thread to tie a small knot inside the bottom of my nocking loop to make sure there is some upward pressure on the bottom of the nock during the draw cycle.
Drop-away rests are designed to automatically fall away by the time the vanes reach the shelf area, which in turn allows for a lower nocking point and good vane clearance.
Caption: The first step to ensuring a two-cam bow aims as steady as possible is to place your nocking point evenly between the cams.
An ideal release nocking point is normally even to 1/8-inch high (1/8- to 3/8-inch high for finger shooters).
Basic set-up involves installing an arrow rest and adjusting it properly, installing a nocking point or string loop, positioning a peep and/ or kisser button, and adding string accessories as necessary.
When using a nocking loop, little or no downward force is applied to the shaft during the draw and shot.
First off is making sure your nocking loop does not pinch the nock too much at full draw.
I would do this by adjusting one thing at a time, starting with the most simple - the nocking point.
Upon further examination, he saw some serving separation below his nocking loop.
Or you can move your nocking point up or down the string.
the bowstring at the nocking point when at full draw.
However, bare-shaft tuning is a good method to determine the ideal nocking point position.
I added my nocking loop to the exact same position as before and sighted in again at 20 yards.
One good option to prevent center serving slippage and breakage is the string nocking loop.
I may as well come clean and reveal my bias; I prefer to use brass nock sets above the arrow to locate my nocking point.