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make small marks into the surface of

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Caption: If you have an arrow or two that won't seem to group with the others, try rotating the nock a third of a turn so that a different vane points up when the arrow is nocked. Usually, this will change the impact point of the arrow, and through some trial and error, you may be able to get that shaft to fly like the others.
Attached to sight taps, adjusted to correlate to the string center, they sight down a nocked arrow to provide perfect rest alignment front to rear.
With some basic knowledge, however, you can be confident your arrows will be properly nocked and ready to rock!
Ideally, when held out in front at arms length with an arrow nocked, the bowstring should align with the cams and/or idler string tracks, in the center of your rest's prongs or launcher and stacked in line with your nocked arrow.
To tie the unbalanced loop, start by attaching a small nock set (or tying on a small nock set about one-quarter inch wide) directly below the arrow when it is nocked in the proper position on the string.
Look down on the bow as it stands on its bottom cam with the arrow nocked and sticking straight out in front of you.