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make small marks into the surface of

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Now, whenever we notice an arrow not playing nice, we try rotating the nock before we give up on it.
That America's peace-loving brother democracy, Britain, consistently had outspent the allegedly warmongering Germany seemed to Nock like an important detail, one that might shed light on the question of which imperialist country actually bestrode the globe like a military colossus.
Dr Sixto Batitang, consultant pathologist at the hospital said an overdose of the drug, not presently controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act, had killed Mr Nock.
More than half of the youth were already in treatment when they reported suicidal behavior, which Nock said was both encouraging and disturbing.
Did they know that Ms Nock and Mr Fearon were taking the drug?
Nock, who at age 38 is a professor of psychology at Harvard, was named as one of 22 fellows by the John D.
50 metres," Nock remembers "To me, that was already high.
Nock was exhausted after completing the feat, saying, "I cannot say that I will again attempt such a walk.
Broyles, son of former University of Arkansas Athletic Director Frank Broyles, partnered with Nock and Brandon Barber on the Metro District condominium project in downtown Fayetteville.
Superstar Bello Nock (he's the one with the tall hair) teamed up with some fellow clowns recently for the announcement that he would be joining Circus Sarasota's lineup this season, after years spent performing with the Ringling Bros, and Barnum & Bailey Circus troupe.
This project goes forward if it makes sense to the community, and only if it makes sense to the community," said Herb Nock in his opening presentation.
The Grade Two contest has attracted a strong entry, including My Way De Solzen and Classified, but handler Susan Nock is keen to run her charge while he remains in great shape.
THE LIBERTARIAN journalist Albert Jay Nock once told the story of a friend who visited St.
Nock added that, based on current evidence, he finds little reason to believe the covenant marriage movement will catch on with the larger population.
AIR NOCK'' may not have the same ring to it as ``Air Jordan,'' but that's not about to keep Bello Nock on the ground.