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make small marks into the surface of

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Finally, the loop completely controls the location of the nock during the forward travel of the string.
By running weekend camps for targeted elite groups, this pool of coaches will go a long way in making available much sought-after high performance training opportunities.Tergat's team at Nock is also dishing out training scholarships for elite athletes to help cement Kenya's position as Africa's leading nation on the medals table at major championships.
HARD NOCK LIFE Hilton revels in leveller (top), Nock fans party, Wilson sees red and Talbot's Glasgow lies gutted on Townhead turf after collapse
If you cannot adjust the tiller on your bow and are still having tuning issues after checking everything else, try an aggressive nock position change (one inch higher or lower) to help fix the issue.
Nock told 7DAYS: "I said to my partner this morning, the 'Ultimate Number 2' needs to happen here in Dubai.
During the celebrations Nock's Stevie Crawford earned his second yellow for entering the crowd.
The Admiralty, realized the rifling would be superflous on shipboard arm where speed of loading--coupled with the fairly close ranges at which they would be used (tops were normally only about 60 to 70 feet above the deck)--authorized an initial order of 20 guns be procured from London gunmaker Henry Nock, an artisan who had in the past made reliable locks for the Board of Ordnance.
The Nock family will be represented in tomorrow's Weatherbys Champion Bumper by the Colin Tizzard-trained third favourite Royal Guardsman, a runaway winner at Ascot on his latest start.
Nock admitted being in possession of a bladed article in a public place and he was given a nine month jail term suspended for 18 months and told to carry out 180 hours' community punishment.
John Nock, Richard Alexander, Ted Belden and Hank Broyles, through their Ball Plaza Holdings LLC, recently purchased E.J.
Mark Nock, Birmingham office partner, said: "Attracting and retaining top quality staff is key to our success as a business.
Coun Bill Nock's term ends in May 2004, but he has been shunned by party colleagues who will not be putting him forward for reelection in Bidston next year.
Nock point: A nock set or nocking loop is affixed to your bowstring to precisely control where the arrow attaches.
Before the money is paid however, the ministry has placed certain conditions to be fulfilled by the Nock officials themselves, Sidian Bank and the contractors who have been working in the building so far.
The Lumenok H Adapter Outsell allows archers and hunters who use micro-diameter shafts to enjoy the benefits of shooting quality, trusted lighted nocks. Lumenok took a different approach to lighting the nocks in 4mm (.166-inch) micro-diameter shafts by finding a way to make a larger, more robust nock fit.