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having a tendency to cause harm

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Voir les etudes de Nocent, A., <<L'Elise locale realisation de l'Eglise du Christ et sujet de l'eucharistie>>, in Alberigo, G.
(113) This is embraced by Article 34 of the VCLT, which states "[a] treaty does not create either obligations or rights for a third State without its consent." (114) This embodied the maxim pacta tertiis nec nocent nec prosunt (agreements neither harm nor benefit third parties) and is founded on the principles of sovereignty and independence of states.
This departs drastically from the original Latin, "Num misero carmen et herba nocent" (3.7.28), which does not mention "silly souls." Another discrepancy exists as to what caused the detumescence.
Rather, the whole mystery of salvation was regarded as a constant and sufficient memorial of Christ's love for humanity, and it would have been foreign to celebrate a special feast in honor of Jesus's love, let alone one dedicated to His Heart (Maloney 10; Nocent 2:465).
The facts that I am acting in a way that is morally wrong and grievously culpable bring it about that it is morally required that the bystander act in a way that saves the life of the morally in nocent, my wife, at the expense of the morally culpable, me, given that someone must die.
(20) En orden cronologico: Jacques DERETZ, Adrien NOCENT, Dizionario dei testi conciliari, Brescia, 1966; Philippe DELHAYE, Michel GUERET, Paul TOMBEUR, Concilium Vatacanum II.
(41) The rest of this section follows the important work of Olivier Raquez in "Les Confessions de foi de la chirotonie episcopale des eglises Grecques," in Giustino Famedi, ed., Traditio et progressio: Studi liturgici in onore del Prof Adrien Nocent OSB, Studia Anselmiana: Analecta liturgica 12 (Rome: Pontificio Ateneo S.
(36) "(...) quae maxime necessaria est in republica ad coercendum malefactores; unde sicut supremus princeps potest punire sibi subditos quando aliis nocent, ita potest se vindicare de alio principe, vel republica, quae ratione delicti ei subditur" (DB.
INNOCENT INNOC NT INNOCEN NOCENT Kevin and Kim McGuirk who were shot dead by Kim's father
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The concept of security is personified by the projection of a strong state, protective of its society, and countering the nocent influences of the outside world.
added: "He was They added: "He was nocent one and e one on trial.
Johnson embroiled the United States in a full-scale war against North Vietnam under the pretext of preventing the nocent spread of communism.