noblesse oblige

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the obligation of those of high rank to be honorable and generous (often used ironically)

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It conjures up an image, the sort you'd see on the TV as Simon Schama narrated the story of how the fabric of society was wrought asunder by a ruling class more concerned with the consumption of St Estepe than the exercise of noblesse oblige.
But just when such language threatens to drown readers, the authors return with some clarity to their primary point, which is that the church, using the best thinking from the Reformation, must make sure that the poor, needy, marginalized and neglected are not just cared for in a kind of noblesse oblige, paternalistic way but, rather, that they become full partners in the work of the church.
Whether out of noblesse oblige or genuine pleasure, PSG's rivals were quick to express appreciation for the new signing too.
He is brutally frank in calling out promoters who expect independent directors chosen from among friends and acquaintances "to add value by keeping quiet", following the principle of noblesse oblige. There is much to learn from the few misadventures he had in the process by choosing the wrong "company" (in more senses than one).
Among the silk-clad upper classes, King Louis XV (Lionel Lingelser) comes off as a slacker full of eccentric noblesse oblige, and Andrew Gower is a delightfully querulous and spoiled Bonnie Prince Charlie.
More likely he acquired his reverse noblesse oblige by training from his father who, according to Trump biographer Harry Hurt III, raised young Donald to become "a killer" and told him "you are king".
In short, most Germans appear as victims of the Hitler regime, and the Smiths' German friendships prove noblesse oblige and corroborate the colonel's contention that he was an apolitical soldier.
Oroszko, who obviously relishes the opportunity to play a character not weighed down with dramatic noblesse oblige, is a tipsy delight in the role of teetotaler Jean, who is driven to consume a prodigious amount of alcohol -- even the cooking sherry -- by Henry's wild plans and insane fabrications.
Employing a disconcertingly breezy style that conveys the tenor of their former life, "The Maid," by Goli Taraghi, depicts a privileged family left bewildered when their servants desert them in the aftermath of the revolution, and noblesse oblige is insufficient when long-simmering resentments surface.
He hoped to instill in the Spanish settlers at least a philosophy of noblesse oblige, a paternal attitude toward the natives whose labor constituted the most genuine and permanent wealth of the country."
Ambition, yes, but an ambition based upon service to the nation's well-being, many guided by a noblesse oblige that now seems a musty anachronism consigned to our distant past.
The queen and her court relished this opportunity to romp in the opera's "Sherwood Forest" (Michel-Jean Sedaine fashioned his libretto after an English model) and to embrace the simple sentiments of the hoi polloi while congratulating themselves for their own noblesse oblige.
He paints a picture of a region built on skilled craft, local industry, trade, and not a little noblesse oblige. Since the passage of globalization trade laws, almost all of it is gone.
Noblesse oblige" is generally used to imply that with wealth, power, and prestige come responsibilities.
With Blairite zeal, he declared education was the key to unlocking opportunity, and there was more than a touch of "noblesse oblige" when he listed his early privileges and described how his parents taught him "not to judge people by their background".