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Another voice, that of a nobleman of medium height and about forty years of age, whom Pierre had formerly met at the gypsies' and knew as a bad cardplayer, and who, also transformed by his uniform, came up to Pierre, interrupted Adraksin.
The enemy is advancing to destroy Russia, to desecrate the tombs of our fathers, to carry off our wives and children." The nobleman smote his breast.
Many other orators spoke after the excited nobleman, and all in the same tone.
The marshal of the province in whose hands the law had placed the control of so many important public functions--the guardianship of wards (the very department which was giving Levin so much trouble just now), the disposal of large sums subscribed by the nobility of the province, the high schools, female, male, and military, and popular instruction on the new model, and finally, the district council--the marshal of the province, Snetkov, was a nobleman of the old school,--dissipating an immense fortune, a good-hearted man, honest after his own fashion, but utterly without any comprehension of the needs of modern days.
But at that instant a nobleman of Sergey Ivanovitch's party said that he had heard that the committee had not verified the accounts, considering such a verification an insult to the marshal of the province.
"Oh!" replied the postmaster, uncovering with respect, "a very worthy nobleman. But, whatever may be my desire to make myself agreeable to him, I cannot furnish you with horses, for all mine are engaged by M.
The Portrait of a Nobleman was politely reserved to be hung up, if the Royal Academicians could possibly find room for it.
"And that cavalier, that guest, that nobleman who arrived before she came?"
"That a nobleman whom he did not know had wished to take charge of it, had answered for its future, and had taken it away."
"Upon my soul, monsieur," said the duchess, "you are a true nobleman! But I am eager to see our young vicomte.
He respected the house of Osborne before all others in the City of London: and his hope and wish was that Captain George should marry a nobleman's daughter.
At the ceremony a nobleman named George Goward tumbles down the grand staircase to his death while almost everyone is craning to get a look at the German princess, Charlotte, newly married to King George III.
As vice president of acquisitions and real estate, Howard Nobleman has the exhilarating job of running the two expansion vehicles of Brooks Eckerd Pharmacy.
The title refers to a Margrave, a medieval German nobleman, after Mr Peel told friends that was the title he would like.
Displacement and deferral are the chief Lacanian notions examined in "The King's Not Here," in which Snyder focuses on Helen's fulfillment and its continued displacement; Snyder sees the play as resolving the emotional dilemmas posed in the sonnets by a lowly speaker smitten with a detached, aristocratic nobleman. Snyder also offers a textual study of speech prefixes and stage directions in the play, observing that the Folio choice of generic rather than proper names in All's Well sometimes reveals Shakespeare's own generic notion of character.