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Synonyms for noble-minded

of high moral or intellectual value

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She was a noble-minded politician and she upheld this quality throughout her life," Venugopal said in a condolence message written to Sandeep Dikshit.
But, in the words of Abu Tayeb Al-Mutanabbi: "Great schemes are measures of resolute men; and noble deeds, of the noble-minded." Talal Al-Harbi, Ph.D., is a published author and political consultant.
On his death President Eamon de Valera said: "The name of Chester Beatty will continue to be mentioned with gratitude by future generations in this island which he chose as his home and the object of a noble-minded patronage."
Raavan is a noble-minded person in Jain records, but in Brahminic memory he belongs to a demonic race.
As the series progresses this year, it'll be interesting to see if it gives West a bit more to do; Maxine tends to be written as the noble-minded voice of reason, which restricts her ability to engage with the sitcom's sillier and more subversive sides.
But, if you are not very careful, the generally noble-minded tendency of courts to be open forums can lead to the destructive release of your trade secrets into the public domain.
Servility beyond belief, sycophancy in all its modulations--the upright, courageous, noble-minded leaders that I had heard of in Manila became spineless, fawning toadies in Washington, ever ready to perform a menial service for President Quezon, ever ready to anticipate his slightest [wish], to laugh at his anecdotes.
Herein he urges reconsideration of Hamlet, not as the noble-minded hero or suffering demigod of prevailing critical opinion, but more negatively as "an offence against poetry and morals, nay even as an attack against the great dramatist himself" (374).
This is a society in which the most innocent and noble-minded become the sexual prey of a couple of bored and decadent ex-lovers - the Marquise de Merteuil, played by Self's real-life wife Lynne Seymour, and the Vicomte de Valmont (Self) - having both ice-cold revenge and seduction on their minds.