noble metal

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any metal that is resistant to corrosion or oxidation

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The chromated aluminum coupons corrode very little when they are in contact with nonconductive elastomer gaskets, but they can suffer large amounts of corrosion in contact with gaskets made with relatively noble metals.
El-Sayed, Why gold nanoparticles are more precious than pretty gold: noble metal surface plasmon resonance and its enhancement of the radiative and nonradiative properties of nanocrystals of different shapes, Chem.
- Compared to gold wire, noble metal bullion costs can be reduced by approximately 80 percent
In particular, mercaptides of different noble metals (e.g., Pd, Pt, Au, Ag, etc.) were synthesized according to the following general scheme.
Actually, the scheme of this type of reaction is relatively straightforward: brominated or iodinated precursor molecules are deposited onto a metal surface, typically noble metal. Upon adsorption, the weakly bonded halogen substituents are split off with the aid of the catalytic properties of the metal surface, and the subsequently formed dangling bonds are coupled to be C-C bond through the mobility of the alkyl on the surface of metal in mechanism 1 as a direct way of establishing covalent bonds after the dissociation of C-X (halogen atom) bond, and the dangling bonds are used to form organometallic intermediates subsequently ending in C-C coupling by annealing to proper temperature as expressed in mechanism 2.
Following introductory chapters on the basic physical facts of nanoparticles, international scientists share new information from the recent literature on topics including the latest results in the field of Zindl ions; the ability of inter-cluster relationships to form oligomeric and polymeric nano-structures; the synthesis and characterization of noble metal and magnetic nanoparticles; and the electrical properties of metal nanoparticles.
HydrogenSource, LLC recently announced it has demonstrated the viability of new advanced noble metal Water Gas Shift (WGS) catalysts as "cost-effective components in fuel processor systems for fuel cell and hydrogen generation applications."
This paper will discuss the structure and electronic and magnetic properties of phosphorene adsorbed with adatoms [21, 22, 59], including alkali and alkaline-earth atoms [60], nonmetallic atoms, transition-metal atoms, and noble metal atoms [17].
Usually the unique physical and chemical properties of noble metal nanoparticles are highly dependent on their size, shape, and environment of the particles [10].
To build the catalyst, a nanoparticle core is formed from either a platinum group metal, gold, or a base metal alloyed with a noble metal. An atomically thin layer of platinum is then deposited on the core to form the active catalytic layer.
Other topics include nanomechanical cantilever sensors, protein thin films, FRET-based nanosensors for intracellular glucose monitoring, noble metal nanoparticles as colorimetric probes, and optical capillary sensors for analyzing biofuels and milk.
Some topics examined are silicon microchannel arrays for biosensor devices, thermal stability of supported noble metal nanoclusters, and fabrication of electrospun tungsten oxide nanofibers.