noble metal

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any metal that is resistant to corrosion or oxidation

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Some noble metal catalysts also showed meaningful conversion efficiency under ambient temperatures.
Without using the novel metal-carbon fixed points, for instance, the best measurement capability of the calibration of noble metal thermocouples (types R, S, or B) is about [+ or -] 0.
8 Modeling Nanomorphology in Noble Metal Particles: Thermodynamic Cartography
There is a growing movement among semiconductor manufacturers to replace gold wire, which is currently the most widely used bonding wire for connecting lead frames and IC chips, with copper wire, which enables the cost of noble metal bullion to be reduced by approximately 90 percent.
Moen Incorporated has received a patent for an article having on at least a portion of its surface, a coating of a thin transition layer consisting of a metal bearing material and having a composition that varies from an exterior first composition comprising a metal to a second composition beneath the exterior first composition, which transition layer is superimposed on a metal bearing color layer and is substantially transparent and colorless to visible light, in which the first composition is a noble metal chosen from the group consisting of gold, silver, platinum, platinum group metals, or an alloy thereof.
Other topics include nanomechanical cantilever sensors, protein thin films, FRET-based nanosensors for intracellular glucose monitoring, noble metal nanoparticles as colorimetric probes, and optical capillary sensors for analyzing biofuels and milk.
The interaction strength between the noble gas atom and the noble metal increases in the orders of Ar < Kr < Xe and Ag < Cu < Au, leading one to suspect that the molecule XeAuF should show the strongest of these bonds.
HydrogenSource, LLC recently announced it has demonstrated the viability of new advanced noble metal Water Gas Shift (WGS) catalysts as "cost-effective components in fuel processor systems for fuel cell and hydrogen generation applications.
ERFURT, Germany -- X-FAB Silicon Foundries today announced two major MEMS milestones: completion of its dedicated noble metal facility for MEMS and post-CMOS processing - and shipment of its billionth MEMS device.
Following introductory chapters on the basic physical facts of nanoparticles, international scientists share new information from the recent literature on topics including the latest results in the field of Zindl ions; the ability of inter-cluster relationships to form oligomeric and polymeric nano-structures; the synthesis and characterization of noble metal and magnetic nanoparticles; and the electrical properties of metal nanoparticles.
Some topics examined are silicon microchannel arrays for biosensor devices, thermal stability of supported noble metal nanoclusters, and fabrication of electrospun tungsten oxide nanofibers.
With its unique technology based on dynamic light scattering of noble metal nanoparticles, PHOCCS has several key advantages to enable commercial success: it is fast, quantitative, sensitive, specific and simple to operate.
Thus, PS and SiNW can be used as a template for the reductive deposition of noble metal nanostructures from solution (7,9).