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Synonyms for nobble

Synonyms for nobble

make off with belongings of others

take away to an undisclosed location against their will and usually in order to extract a ransom

disable by drugging

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A MAN was sentenced to three years in prison yesterday after he nobbled a juror, causing the collapse of a criminal trial.
THE shinty star who claimed he was nobbled after a thump in the face sent him off the field was tight-lipped last night.
CLAMPERS proved what a diligent and understanding bunch they are yesterday when they nobbled a cherrypicker.
A SHINTY star who said he'd been nobbled after a thump in the face sent him off the field stayed tight-lipped last night.
POLICE are trapping bicycle thieves by planting nobbled machines that move slowly.
KEVIN GALLACHER can still walk round the streets of Newcastle without being nobbled by autograph hunters.
VINNIE Jones gets a dose of his own medicine - 18 years after he nobbled Paul Gascoigne.
the first half two weeks ago, Whelan was absolutely fantastic but he was nobbled after the break as Tyrone looked to spoil the game.
Furious MPs said he had been nobbled by Tony Blair after pressure from BSkyB mogul Rupert Murdoch.
Who lined their pockets when two red-hot favourites were nobbled last year?
IF you've ever been nobbled by a speed camera, take a look at Chris Hyman's shiny record.
Osborne, Gallagher and Aspell were grilled for 12 hours on Tuesday as part of a probe involving allegations that horses Avanti Express and Lively Knight were nobbled last March.
Racing has been rocked by a doping scandal after two hot favourites were found to have been nobbled.
Ironically, wee George is the senior judge in the players' court, though this time the jury nobbled him.
A KEY prosecution witness at the trial of Chelsea soccer star John Terry yesterday denied in court she had been nobbled.