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  • verb

Synonyms for nobble

Synonyms for nobble

make off with belongings of others

take away to an undisclosed location against their will and usually in order to extract a ransom

disable by drugging

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I think Noye has friends who are quite powerful in the criminal establishment SIR DAVID ON FEARS FOR DANIELLE DURING THE KILLER'S TRIAL I had evidence that there was going to be an attempt to nobble the jury SIR DAVID REVEALS HOW FAR NOYE PALS WOULD GO TO SCUPPER JUSTICE
And Scots Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie said: "This is a blatant attempt to nobble an academic, doctor evidence and pull the wool over the eyes of the people of Scotland."
After he relayed the message to Stephen Sayers, career criminal Hay agreed to "nobble" members of the jury by making a threatening phone call, it was claimed.
A lovable gang of bookies, planning to nobble the favourite at a nearby racecourse, book in and create a bit of mayhem with their crackpot preparations, and Alexander Fisher is outstanding as their chirpy leader, Alfred Tubbe.
The 17-year-old kicked off the Polytrack proceedings by bringing Blue Hedges with a brave run through the pack, from a long way back, to nobble the favourite Kirkstone, on whom pounds 2,507 was traded in-running on Betfair at 1.3.
A FORMER Leeds United executive has claimed he was involved in a bizarre plot to nobble international soccer star Gary Kelly in a bid to cut the club's massive wage bill.
"Why don't you put people on the buses in plain clothes to nobble one or two smokers and make an example of them?"
A HUGE swarm of modified mosquitoes will be set free to nobble the ones spreading the Zika virus.
The attempt to nobble me as opening media team runner in last week's Parliamentary Pancake Race.
John Henry Sayers' brother, 45-year-old Stephen, and Mark Rowe, 40, are also accused of being involved in the plot to nobble the juror.
Three judges also rejected argument that there had been a possibility of bias in the light of fresh evidence of an alleged plot to "nobble" the foreman of the jury.
Panorama producer Stephen Scott praised our expose on ex-con Hugh O'Donnell, a gambler who admitted paying thousands to nobble races.
The only way Alex won't win is if Channel 5 nobble his chances...
"I had a little nobble with Will, asking him how many games it's been since he scored, and pops up with four - I'm made up for him," said Richardson.
In other words, the Tory manacles are a partisan attempt by the political wing of spivs, speculators and bad bosses to destroy organised resistance, nobble Labour and create a 21st-century slave workforce.