no-win situation

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a situation in which a favorable outcome is impossible

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New Delhi, March 30 (ANI): India on Monday proved that it is a side very keen to acquire champion status by converting a no-win situation into a very creditable draw on the fifth and final day of the second Test against New Zealand at the MaClean Park in Napier.
Of the furore surrounding his about-face, Bolger added: "We seem to have been in a no-win situation.
I was in a no-win situation as I was a Welshman who had been associated with one club for many years.
But it's a no-win situation for us and we must make sure we don't fall into the trap.
As he explains, "If a customer refuses to work within a sensible and high-quality approach, you probably will not be able to differentiate your solutions from the rest of the competition and you are likely entering a no-win situation.
Kornheiser said he actually got a call from the quick-witted comedian a few months back, advising him not to be too scripted and talk more off the cuff -- something that Miller, who now says he felt was in a no-win situation, couldn't quite pull off when he tried to telestrate more Xs and Os and deliver arcane references.
Fukui, a highly admired policymaker seen as unusually capable, faces a no-win situation.
For example, for some children in certain mood states, completing math facts may be a no-win situation, and therefore, the adult would not even address the situation until a later time.
That's because responding to your existing residents' growing aging-in-place needs while remaining fully market-responsive is frequently viewed as a no-win situation.
Themes of friendship, peer pressure, and family are woven throughout the main plot as Kelsey tries to find a graceful exit from a no-win situation.
Unauthorized procedures caused a no-win situation during this sortie.
The CEO countered anyhow and walked right into a no-win situation.