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certain to end in failure and disappointment

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Injuries Campaign for Real Education chairman Christopher McGovern said: "While some claims are genuine, many are part of a health and safety racket that enrich no-win, no-fee lawyers and robs schools of funding.
NO-WIN SITUATION McCall won't enjoy relegating Well
e campaign, also highlighted that no-win, no-fee-backed insolvency litigation currently raises claims of around PS300m per year, of which between PS50m-PS70m relates to money owed to HMRC.
But a Law Society of England and Wales spokesman defended no-win, no-fee lawyers.
Justice Minister Jonathan Djanogly said the no-win, no-fee system was "pushing us into a compensation culture in which middle men make a tidy profit which the rest of us end up paying for through higher insurance premiums and higher prices".
The survey by law referral service Contact Law, suggests personal injury solicitors will be less likely to offer no-win no-fee agreements as a result of the changes.
The jockey was in a no-win situation, and well done to the owner for appearing on television and stating that Big Mac brings nothing to the table, whereas people like him do.
Summary: India on Monday proved that it is a side very keen to acquire champion status by converting a no-win situation into a very creditable draw on the fifth and final day of the second Test against New Zealand at the MaClean Park in Napier.
This is a classic example of a no-win situation," Obama told hundreds of journalists gathered in Chicago for the UNITY convention for journalists of color.
Of the furore surrounding his about-face, Bolger added: "We seem to have been in a no-win situation.
I was in a no-win situation as I was a Welshman who had been associated with one club for many years.
Asked if he felt he would be in a no-win situation if he did have to decide whether to approve charges, he said: "I've been in this job long enough not to worry about whether I'm in a no-win situation or not.
As he explains, "If a customer refuses to work within a sensible and high-quality approach, you probably will not be able to differentiate your solutions from the rest of the competition and you are likely entering a no-win situation.
Fukui, a highly admired policymaker seen as unusually capable, faces a no-win situation.
MAYBE I'M NAIVE about the workings of the legal system, but I keep wondering why no-win cases keep coming to trial.