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a guest who fails to notify a hotel or restaurant when canceling a reservation

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someone who shirks duty

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Medical practices employ a variety of strategies to reduce the number and burden of patient no-shows, including reminder letter or centralized phone systems (Kheirkhah et al.
Studies have shown that the no-show rate is highest when the patient is paying out of pocket for the visit.
The literature abounds with research on why no-shows occur.
Scottish Labour candidates said the no-shows were a sign of disrespect, also accusing Motherwell candidate Clare Adamson of skipping a public meeting on the SNP's Football Act on sectarian hatred.
Up to 10 percent of scheduled doctor's appointments are missed each year in the United States, and patient no-shows can cost individual physicians as much as $150,000 per year.
About one in 10 confirmations at Lifeline are no-shows, mostly because of patient "irresponsibility", Advet Bhambhani, CEO of Lifeline Healthcare Group, said in a statement.
PROminder offers an interactive online system to reduce no-shows and simplify scheduling--for both the office and the patient.
No-shows by Pro Licence holders could see them lose their qualifi-cation as Euro chiefs crack down.
Brandon apologised for their no-shows but also joked "at least I've got further than Manchester.
This year's London Olympics and European Championships in Poland and Ukraine were both dogged by no-shows in arenas that were meant to be sold out.
A study of the impact of the London 2012 Olympic Games on the leisure and tourism industry has revealed that London-based hotels could face a glut of no-shows for bookings made to coincide with the event.
The plans were passed by a margin of 46 to 22 at a meeting of the Football League clubs at Walsall's Banks's Stadium, with three no-shows and one abstention.
No-shows included Oprah, Steven Tyler, and Rodney Mullen.
Nose tackle Vince Wilfork, defensive end Ty Warren, safety Brandon Meriweather and linebackers Tedy Bruschi and Jerod Mayo were among the OTA no-shows.