no-parking zone

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a space where automobiles are not allowed to park

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The traffic police say it is a no-parking zone, but nowhere in the vicinity was there a no-parking board.
Minutes later, he stopped in a no-parking zone outside Sandy Hook school.
It's hard to let someone know his meter is about to expire or he is parked in a no-parking zone when you don't know who is the owner of the vehicle.
UNDECIDED County councillor for Alnwick, Gordon Castle RULES FLOUTED Alnwick Market Place had been developed into a no-parking zone, above.
A driver left his car in a no-parking zone on the 30-Meter Ring Street in Erbil.
It followed complaints made by residents near the schools and school staff, who said pulling up in a no-parking zone was endangering the lives of children.
The bride-to-be Miss Kate Middleton recently went on a shopping trip in London and parked her car in a no-parking zone.
Special Traffic arrangements were finalized to ensure smooth flow of traffic and the area outside of Mazar and President House Naudero have been declared no-parking zone.
Furious residents were further outraged when they spotted that the three traffic wardens had parked their enforcement vehicle in a no-parking zone.
Koretz went to the Jackson estate shortly after his swearing-in ceremony and again on Thursday to talk with police and residents about the problems and suggest some ideas, including creating a temporary no-parking zone on neighboring streets to reduce some of the impact.
The parking wardens using this car were busy handing out fines to illegally-parked motorists after pulling up in a no-parking zone themselves.
In Eugene, the protocol for house moving is simple: The builder posts signs and tags cars 24 hours before the move so neighbors will know their street is about to become a temporary no-parking zone.
The neighborhood store approach was exemplified recently at the Ditmas Park unit when a patient drove up and sat in his car in a no-parking zone outside the front door.
THE biggest no-parking zone in Liverpool is to be introduced around Goodison Park and Anfield over the next year.
PEOPLE furious at plans to make the road outside their Coventry church a no-parking zone have won a promise from the council to let them pull up in their cars.