no-parking zone

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a space where automobiles are not allowed to park

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"I was on a visit to Makankali Traffic Police Station in the afternoon of November 15 and it was not in my notice that my driver has parked my vehicle in the no-parking zone, as soon as it came to my notice after a person tweeted the picture of my vehicle parked at No Parking," Kumar told ANI.
The traffic police say it is a no-parking zone, but nowhere in the vicinity was there a no-parking board.
The vehicle was without a license plate and had been parked in a no-parking zone for two hours, Florence Berthout, mayor of Paris' Fifth Arrondissement, told BFMTV.
Security forces were alerted to the suspicious vehicle, which was discovered in a no-parking zone.
In the evening, it is a nightmare to walk near the Pakistan Club since a row of cars is parked in the no-parking zone.
Anger only increased when a national TV program caught the Panda parked in a no-parking zone near the Senate.
The traffic police are resourceful in giving tickets for speeding in certain locations and for arranging to have your car hauled away when you've parked in a designated no-parking zone.
Minutes later, he stopped in a no-parking zone outside Sandy Hook school.
It's hard to let someone know his meter is about to expire or he is parked in a no-parking zone when you don't know who is the owner of the vehicle.
UNDECIDED County councillor for Alnwick, Gordon Castle RULES FLOUTED Alnwick Market Place had been developed into a no-parking zone, above.
A driver left his car in a no-parking zone on the 30-Meter Ring Street in Erbil.
It followed complaints made by residents near the schools and school staff, who said pulling up in a no-parking zone was endangering the lives of children.
The bride-to-be Miss Kate Middleton recently went on a shopping trip in London and parked her car in a no-parking zone.
Special Traffic arrangements were finalized to ensure smooth flow of traffic and the area outside of Mazar and President House Naudero have been declared no-parking zone. Reception camps have been setup in the city.
Furious residents were further outraged when they spotted that the three traffic wardens had parked their enforcement vehicle in a no-parking zone. Resident Nick Booth, who filmed the wardens getting into their illegally-parked car, said: "It seems to me that the only car that should have been ticketed was their own." The group of residents said they would continue to park on the road and if they were ticketed they would complain to the council.