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a nonexistent goal

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Granted, they will be delighted to not come up against Savo Milosevic, Zaragoza's prolific marksman of last term, with three-goal Jamelli and no-goal Juanele clearly struggling to fill the ex-Villa man's boots.
I don't know what the technology costs, but a no-goal decision at Wembley in May could cost a team PS90m.
The review was inconclusive, and the no-goal call stood.
NO JOKE: Refs send out a message to bosses yesterday - and (right) Sparky delivers his message in the tunnel at the Reebok GOGGLE-EYED: Palace's Neil Warnock after the Freddie Sears no-goal OH CARROLL: United keeper Roy gets away with murder against Spurs
Controversial Poll made a brief pitch inspection before the start after day-long rain in the Portsmouth area, but had no other difficult decisions to make until the dramatic no-goal ruling - especially the clear-cut penalty when Linvoy Primus clumsily tripped Emmanuel Eboue.
By the time the no-goal signal came, Garon was already on the bench, having faced 20 shots.
The Premier League have been handed a mandate from FIFA to develop an in-goal camera to prevent a repeat of Steve Sedgley's no-goal that counted against Sheffield Wednesday at the weekend.
Also, as was seen on a no-goal by Freddie Hamilton at the DCU Center, and in the Russia-USA Olympics game, referees should have the discretion to award a goal if the defending team knocked the net off the post, accidental or not.
Because Ba's approach play during his no-goal show was excellent and he performed regularly week after week despite his supposed dodgy knee.
Incidentally, the fourth official who was hospitalised by the coin, Alan Sheffield, was the assistant involved in the no-goal controversy at Old Trafford when Chesterfield might have scored against Boro in the FA Cup semi-final.
Otherwise, it could come down to Russia's Valentin Ivanov or brace yourself England fans Switzerland's Urs Meier, he of Sol Campbell no-goal fame.
But it was ruled a no-goal and there was no video replay, which angered Babcock.
He controlled it to Svedberg's left -- near the post that dislodged on the no-goal -- and saw a little space between the goalie and the post.
The howls of despair emanating from every pub down both banks of the Tyne upon the England team news revealing that No-Goal Heskey was playing could be heard by passing ships way out on the North Sea.
But Barnsley always threatened and Paul Hayes forced a fine save from Stack four minutes before Heath's controversial no-goal.