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an area that is dangerous or impossible to enter or to which entry is forbidden

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He further said that wherever there was "writ of any other person except the government" that was a no-go area.
There is no such thing as a no-go area in Liverpool.
I do not believe there are any no-go areas and if there are let him (Bishop Nazir-Ali) point them out.
Speaking in Downing Street, Mr Brown said: "I know that there are pressures in many areas of the country but I don't accept that there are no-go areas.
She added: "We don't want to see towns and cities turned into no-go areas for young people - however, we would support initiatives which help vulnerable young people.
There are private ones that are no-go areas for housekeeper and dealer alike.
Bellamy also believes that walkers should impose their own no-go areas.
Our ministers in Sindh government will resign, if our demand to open no-go areas in Karachi is not met within 48 hours,'' senior MQM leader Aftab Ahmad told a press conference in Karachi on Tuesday.
While talking to media here on Thursday, he said that the operation against Chotu gang proved that there were no-go areas in Punjab and Punjabi Taliban wants instability in the province.
When asked about no-go areas in the NA-246 constituency Reham replied: There are no no-go areas for Khan sahib or myself in PakistanA.
KARACHI -- Rejecting the report of the Sind Police and Rangers, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has directed that no-go areas in the city should be eliminated within seven days.
The storm was sparked when he said: "In many societies, whether developed or developing, there are communities within the societies which develop which become no-go areas.
As a general rule we should treat referees as no-go areas and learn from other sports.
Five parts of Canton, Fairwater, Rhiwbina, Tremorfa, Splott and Llanrumney, have been added to a list of city centre streets earmarked to become no-go areas for drinkers.
The Bishop of Rochester, who was born in Pakistan, has stated that he believes areas of the UK are becoming no-go areas for people who aren't muslims.