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an area that is dangerous or impossible to enter or to which entry is forbidden

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When no-go areas in North Waziristan were made, the military was called out to normalize the situation in the Agency," Mashhood said.
Earlier, the Sindh police and rangers submitted their separate reports to the court regarding the no-go areas in the city.
Speaking to media persons here, outspoken PLM-N leader said there is no place in the province which could be called no-go area adding that the government would not allow anyone including Tahirul Qadri to make such areas in heart of Lahore.
It is cold comfort to know that a nuclear accident at Faslane would encompass the central belt and the north of England, leaving large swathes a no-go area for 1000 years.
With this in mind you have to ask why the city council has made the city centre a no-go area for vehicles.
He said Dera Bugti had become a no-go area and media and civil society cannot visit it.
In Croxteth, where schoolboy Rhys Jones became the innocent victim of a gang war in 2007, Liverpool city councillor Martin Cummins said: "It's ridiculous to suggest Croxteth may be a no-go area.
They hang around Jim Lane Park most of the time so this has become a no-go area for a lot of local people.
The Queen's University team will visit the no-go area that divides Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus.
But the Rural Affairs Minister denied that continued threats from the pro-hunt supporters had turned the countryside into a no-go area for government ministers.
A long odds-on favourite has made the King George a no-go area for many punters and led Coral Eurobet and bluesq.
Talking to media on this occasion, the Karachi Police Chief said that there is no no-go area in the metropolis.
Town a no-go area for thieves SHOPS are helping to make Dudley town centre a no-go zone for shoplifters after introducing property marking.
I WOULD like it known that the description of Nauls Mill Park (Letters, September 14) as a no-go area is rubbish.
In the last week there has been a big campaign against dissent and respect for referees and I have made it clear referees should be a no-go area," said Taylor.