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not functioning properly or in suitable condition for proceeding


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KNOWSLEY n 11 ASBOs obtained and 10 yob no-go zones set up500 steering-wheel locks given away free to motorists to prevent thieves stealing older vehicles Officer appointed to patrol at Whiston hospital to make patients and staff feel safer
Chief constable Bernard Hogan-Howe has now told senior officers in each of Merseyside's 43 neighbourhoods to investigate whether a no-go area could help cut complaints on their patch.
Hackney's Labour MP Diane Abbott said it was not "nightmarish", adding: "She is quite wrong to suggest it is a no-go area for women after dark.
The no-go zone will run for another three months and police are hopeful it will lead to a further drop in offences.
Sadly, the coverage has not improved to match this increase and too much of Wales is still a no-go area for mobile telephony.
Mr Meacher, who was unveiling the Government's plans for the world's first integrated inquiry into the impact of climate change, said: "I don't think we should leap to the conclusion that the Fylde coast is a no-go area for future development.
Her pilot for CBS, ``Lawyers,'' was a surprise no-go during last spring's development season.
TOWN and city centres are becoming no-go areas after dark, with drunken yobs behaving like "an occupying army loose in the streets", a Commons committee chairman said today.
ALAN Woods of clean beach campaigners Blue Flag told a Blackpool conference that seaside towns are becoming no-go areas because of drink-fuelled louts.
NO-go areas have been declared for gangs of youths in some Wirral suburbs.
His ``Pop Up'' film project appeared close to getting a green light for production, then suddenly became a no-go at New Line, which recently put the comedy in turnaround.
People are starting to realise that the festival is a no-go area for drugs.
A THIRD no-go zone to stop anti-social yobs causing misery has been created in Merseyside.
Thongs on the beach are a no-go area for the most beautiful out there, let alone the white, wrinkly and slightly frightening members of the population.