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not functioning properly or in suitable condition for proceeding


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Then, the printed output vector would ideally be 0, representing that the no-go response was emitted.
He further said that wherever there was "writ of any other person except the government" that was a no-go area.
Power ministry, facing maximum heat of go and no-go policy, argued that the concept, which has no legal sanction, is likely to affect around 600 blocks containing 630 million tonnes of coal, which can generate 130,000MW of electricity.
Residents close to the no-go zone in the central province of Albay were warned of possible rockfalls, pyroclastic flows, ash emissions, and lahar (mud lava) in water channels, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) said in its latest bulletin.
The outcome variables for task performance included hit rate (correct button press for Go stimuli); response time for correct hits; false alarm rate (error of commission for No-go stimuli).
As a general rule we should treat referees as no-go areas and learn from other sports.
While no-go areas may be difficult to discern, there are areas of life that are changing.
The Prime Minister was speaking at his monthly Downing Street press conference after a senior Church of England bishop accused Islamic extremists of creating no-go areas for non-Muslims in Britain.
RE: The bishop's comments about some Muslim areas being no-go areas for Christians.
Meanwhile, it didn't take teachers at Parkman -- now Woodland Hills Academy -- long to decide that the ``charter lite'' concept was a no-go.
London is bottom of the list with 50% saying the capital is a no-go if you want to be treated well and 85% of consumers think customer service in the UK is poor or average.
At each step of the process, a go or no-go decision is made about the opportunities.
And home quarantine for bird flu sufferers as well as no-go areas will also come into force if Britain is hit by the killer virus.