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characterized by the absence of inessential features

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China is reportedly working to relax its aviation regulations to allow more no-frills airlines into its growing domestic market.
Others are old-style airlines that have re-invented themselves as no-frills, ebooking carriers - like Flybe (formerly British European) or bmibaby, a part of East Midlands- based British Midland.
Southwest Airlines - the pinnacle of no-frills flying - now has something more to go with its free peanuts: In-flight movies.
We have had major success in securing an ASA ban on all newspapers, magazines or billboard companies accepting advertising that includes the words `free' and `giveaway' when the no-frills carriers use them inappropriately.
Today's figures, which also follow big increases for rival low-cost carrier Ryanair, emphasise the continuing boom in the no-frills market.
Spending less than $4 a month has appeal, but don't forget that these no-frills pills may require add-ons.
On Tuesday, Air Arabia, the largest no-frills carrier in the Middle Eastern region, has announced that it has recorded 31% boost in net profits in the second quarter of 2012 Year-on-Year (YoY) as a result of growth in revenues and the low-cost carrier also benefitted from serving underprivileged routes.
The original Renault Twingo, which was never sold here officially, was a no-frills basic super mini with just one level of trim.
Tougher "green" taxes on no-frills airlines will not hit the poor, because few of them use the low-cost flights, Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell said yesterday.
NO-FRILLS airlines such as Easyjet and Ryanair - the two biggest operators from Liverpool John Lennon Airport - are the reason why record numbers of Britons are travelling abroad, a holiday firm said yesterday.
The Irish no-frills airline said the development represented a further investment of US$120m in Milan, where it previously had three aircraft based.
Consumer watchdog the Air Transport Users Council said it 'appeared likely' the rise was due to the high number of no-frills airlines.
NO-FRILLS flights from Coventry Airport should not be affected by controversial plans to extend pilots' hours, according to airline bosses.
As this is intrinsically fascinating material, Chetwynd's no-frills approach makes perfect sense.
The Policy encourages revival of unserved and under-served aerodromes and airstrips as no-frills airports to provide connectivity to the Tier-II and Tier-III cities.