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Paddles did a great job of talking me down, and gave me the generous no-count for the subsequent 1-wire.
He was a man after God's own heart, and was quite serviceable in helping God get rid of no-count rascals who were cluttering up the place.
The same Somebody who came on the scene in the midst of another census and was only greeted by a few no-count shepherds.
If provoked, though, I was capable of yelling, "I'm gonna knock you upside the head, you no-count scandal, knock the far outta you." In what Yankees regard as English, "scandal" means "scoundrel," "far" is what burns things.
Following the No-count Programme meant Fiona was allowed to eat lots of "no point" foods, including pasta, fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.
Embracing the slur "white trash," Kane recalls her blues-worthy life story of no-count parents, a welfare- and food stamp-filled childhood, and her teen years of gang banging and unwed motherhood.