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Following the No-count Programme meant Fiona was allowed to eat lots of "no point" foods, including pasta, fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.
He'd impressed director Terence Malick, not with his CV (at that point just no-count roles in G I Jane, The Rock and Wyatt Earp plus a jeans modelling gig for Gap) but his soulfulness.
Like that poor woman ain't got troubles of her own with that aggravatin, no-count husband of hers, and them eight younguns that act like they gone be just like him.
Tripping from bar to banquette to bar, killing the seconds of a sweaty afternoon when the river breeze will not genuflect at the cathedral, when the memories of old Count No-Count shimmer in the aroma of Dixie-45, Regal, Jax, and Tennessee's fate-burnt bourbon across the square like a Puritan epiphany, when a second-line of jazz fingers their hearts like hands exploring private spaces in the cool of dawn, they fear their secret lives will be drawn and quartered by the moralities of the little theatre, paraded in off-beat mardi gras, never again to know the masque of smoked shadows, the forbidden bonded in hard liquor and blooming like a rose tattoo under the skin, the iron kiss of suddenness breaking the mouth of surprise.
This ethical orientation is reflected in her belief that she is "an upright and Christian woman, burdened with a no-count man, whom God wanted her to punish" (37),(3) and she rationalizes that her antipathy toward Cholly is sanctified by her God, for "Christ the Judge" demands that she make her husband pay for his transgression.