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anything that requires little thought

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Given the way he conducts himself, when you look at the man, it really was a no-brainer from our point of view.
FLIT'S A NO-BRAINER Nicole and boyfriend Lewis Hamilton
Is a no-brainer, I found myself wondering, a decision so obvious that it didn't require a brain to make it, or was it the sort of decision that might be made by a person with no brain?
This decision to try and actually not lose money on a contract of this size has been a no-brainer for years, but never followed through.
Hybrid cars offer a no-brainer, readily available technology that can help tackle global warming.
If it's a no-brainer scrapbooking tutorial you wish, look no further than Simple Scrapbooks: Ideas And Techniques by Deborah Cannarella and the editorial staff of "Simple Scrapbooks Magazine".
Implementing the short-range wireless technology Bluetooth in cars seems like a no-brainer.
Given that the ACC began crafting a strategic growth plan two years ago, it would seem a vote to grow would be a no-brainer.
We're here to make games, not to push any moral agenda, so [allowing gay Sims] seemed like a no-brainer.
Rob Schneider makes an appealing slacker hero in this above-average no-brainer comedy.
It's a no-brainer to figure out that smoking cigarettes cause stinky breath.
Anyone who has been to the site, walked through it and seen the potential, agrees it seems like a no-brainer.
In a few ways the reader is correct-assuming you are a hard drive manufacturer- because the no-brainer solution for him or her and the billions of people who think similarly is to think of storage on a single plane as JBOD (just a bunch of drives).
That's a no-brainer for the scores of Latin-centric Internet companies that have voted with their feet.
In fact, the no-brainer here was the realization that one or two machines could be purchased, giving us the necessary patient service gains.